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Tanking for a QB is Not the Solution

The NFL isn’t the NBA. There are 11 players on the field at a time, and 53 on the roster. NBA teams have 5 players on the floor and 14ish on the roster. That means that one individual basketball player has a much higher chance to change the course of a game. If one individual doesn’t do his job, that means that a basketball team is only being 80% efficient on the floor. If one football player doesn’t do his job, the team is still being 91% efficient. Some positions are obviously more important than others (Quarterback), but if you put the world’s best QB behind the world’s worst offensive line he won’t be able to reach his full potential.

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Forgetting Brandon Marshall: A New Era in Jets Football Begins Thursday

The New York Jets went all-in before the 2015 season and as we all know, were this close to making the playoffs:

Then, 2016 happened. The Jets found themselves with a roster of big names and big contracts, but little results to show for it and they are now poised to pick 6th overall in Thursday’s draft.  The Jets are now in full rebuild mode and will most likely spend the next 2-3 years in NFL purgatory. HOWEVA, when done correctly, a rebuild can be almost as much fun as a playoff run…almost. Seeing the future develop in front of your very eyes is a pleasant sight to see, as we saw with guys such as Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson, Bilal Powell, Leonard Williams, Wesley Johnson, and even Bryce Petty getting better week by week.

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