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NFL Week 3 Picks

Welcome back to everybody’s favorite weekly gambling write-up. I ask you not to judge me on my winners; I ask you to judge me on my losers, because I have so few.

After a slow start in Week 1, last week my picks went 4-2, bringing my season total to 7-5.   The first couple weeks are the hardest to bet on, so it’s a good sign that I’m already almost at a 60% win percentage. Lets recap last week:

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Forgetting Brandon Marshall: A New Era in Jets Football Begins Thursday

The New York Jets went all-in before the 2015 season and as we all know, were this close to making the playoffs:

Then, 2016 happened. The Jets found themselves with a roster of big names and big contracts, but little results to show for it and they are now poised to pick 6th overall in Thursday’s draft.  The Jets are now in full rebuild mode and will most likely spend the next 2-3 years in NFL purgatory. HOWEVA, when done correctly, a rebuild can be almost as much fun as a playoff run…almost. Seeing the future develop in front of your very eyes is a pleasant sight to see, as we saw with guys such as Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson, Bilal Powell, Leonard Williams, Wesley Johnson, and even Bryce Petty getting better week by week.

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Josh McFrown

It’s been awhile since my last Jets rant so I’m going to preface this post by asking all of you to fasten your seat belts, keep your carryon baggage underneath your seat, make sure your seat is back and that your folding trays are in their full upright position.

The New York Jets signed 37 year old journeyman Quarterback Josh McCown to a 1 year, $6 million contract. He has never played a full season in the NFL, has never made a playoff appearance, and to be blunt, is trash. The last time he was in New York, he spiraled out of control so fast you would’ve thought you were watching the pilot of LOST.

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Revis Island is Shutting Down

The day has finally come, boys and girls. Sure, Darrelle Revis has taken the money and ran to Tampa Bay (people forget that) and New England before, but today truly marks the end of the Revis Island era in New York. Revis was recently in the news for allegedly putting two squids in a body bag, meaning that Revis Island could very well end up being in Rikers Island if the charges stay true.

The Jets insist that their decision to cut Darrelle Revis was simply a business decision and that the role that he may or may not have played in Pittsburgh last week had no influence on this decision, and I agree. There was even language in Revis’ contract that could have saved the Jets around $6 million due to this incident. However, the Jets front office decided to have a clean and healthy break with Darrelle, who despite the charges will one day be in the Jets ring of honor and a first ballot Hall of Famer.

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