New York Jets Draft Report Card

The New York Jets traded down 5 times over the span of this year’s NFL Draft and turned their 7 picks into 10 (10th pick is the Cowboys 5th rounder in 2018). They stockpiled young talent and were willing to trade away from some big names in order to get some more picks. Finally, the Jets started addressing their roster down to the 53rd man instead of the first 22. Lets meet the 2017 draft class:

Round 1, Pick 6: Jamal Adams, S, LSU

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Crosby vs. Ovechkin – Eastern Conference Classic

Playoff hockey, there really is nothing else in sports that can compare the anxiety and thrill that come along with watching these games play out. I would compare it to that of being a teenager and having a family member walking in on you rubbing one out, but it really wasn’t a family member, it was your girlfriend, that might be your step-sister, but never mind she’s actually just your girlfriend, with no relation whatsoever. The highs and lows of playoff hockey are nothing like anything else in sports.32336394 Continue reading “Crosby vs. Ovechkin – Eastern Conference Classic”

Favorite Players in the 2017 NFL Draft

Here we are ladies and gents. The only thing New York Jets fans have to look forward to every season…..the NFL Draft. This draft might lack many next level superstars but it does seem to be very deep with very serviceable players. This blog will be about 5 players that I think will be awesome in the pro game. Though it is impossible, I would probably give up a few toes if it meant that we could get all of these players. Here we go.

Christian McCaffrey – Prediction: Panthers at 8

Image result for christian mccaffrey

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Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders = what a joke

Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders cracks me up big time! Running back is 31 coming out of retirement to play for Oakland oh wait…. the Las Vegas Raiders. Espn posting that it’s a homecoming for him makes sense why they are cleaning house today.

I get it he’s from Oakland but is it really helping their franchise? Only thing I feel that will happen from this is that they’ll sell more jerseys.

Lets me know your thoughts.


Forgetting Brandon Marshall: A New Era in Jets Football Begins Thursday

The New York Jets went all-in before the 2015 season and as we all know, were this close to making the playoffs:

Then, 2016 happened. The Jets found themselves with a roster of big names and big contracts, but little results to show for it and they are now poised to pick 6th overall in Thursday’s draft.  The Jets are now in full rebuild mode and will most likely spend the next 2-3 years in NFL purgatory. HOWEVA, when done correctly, a rebuild can be almost as much fun as a playoff run…almost. Seeing the future develop in front of your very eyes is a pleasant sight to see, as we saw with guys such as Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson, Bilal Powell, Leonard Williams, Wesley Johnson, and even Bryce Petty getting better week by week.

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