Hello all. My name is Frank and my life is miserable. I work 60 hours a week, get four hours of sleep a night and am a New York sports fan. Between the Jets and Knicks, James Dolan and Woody Johnson (UK Ambassador), and Carmelo and Geno Smith, I don’t even know why I watch sports. This site will allow me to vent as well as provide you gambling advice which you should definitely not follow. Literally use me as a benchmark for what teams and lines not to pick. I will also provide my astute opinions regarding current events around the World. Also, don’t take those too seriously. If you are looking for proper grammar and solid journalism, I am not your guy. That being said, stay tuned because this is going to be a lot of fun.


Some people call me trevozza, others call me Boozer. I drink and I know things. I’ll shake your father’s hand while I wink at your mother. I think that every young white actress is Emily Blunt and I believe that Tim Tebow is the hero that the New York Mets deserve right now. I’m in my 5th year of college at my 2nd school, and honestly the sky is the limit. My opinions may change, but I will always be correct. Don’t bet the under, you’ll get pregnant and die. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email


Similar to Entourage, where you’re hooked in 12 minutes, as opposed to Thrones, where you don’t find out till season 2 that there’s potential for greatest show ever type conversation, I will do my best to paint the picture in the first few lines. I teach P.E, not gym.  The gym is where my friends go every January because they’re under the impression that they have a chance at saving themselves before summer. Teaching and coaching is a good life so far, although, I wish kids were tougher- show me a tough kid.  Anyway, unlike the rest of the degenerates blogging here, (a category I also fall into) I do not only follow NY’s dreadful teams.  My first fan hood came from Duke basketball at age 5 – true story.  Still though, I am depressingly a Jet, happily a Yankee and most importantly a Steph Curry obsessor since ’08.  My thoughts go way past here, so stay tuned.

Oh, and always remember two things: First, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose and secondly, remember not to forget the first thing.


About 5’7″ – 5’8″ depending on which shoes I wear. Former XC distance runner and 2 time NEC (rival conference of the SEC) Champion in the Steeplechase and Distance Medley Relay. My posts, synonymous with my sex game, will be short yet oh so sweet. Occasionally/ Rather often, they will disappoint you; and every now and then, it will drag on for longer than planned. To quote Nigel Powers, the Father of Austin, “It’s not the size mate, it’s how you use it.” See you out there.

Newport News

Being a part of this makes way too much sense for a guy like me. I constantly find myself in countless “get rich quick” collaborations, that require minimum input, for maximum results. As you can probably guess, none of the previous 98 ideas have paid off, but being a big-time hockey fan, I have a good feeling about number 99. I have also recently started smoking cigarettes, not because I like them, but because I am always drunk and the show Shameless makes them look way too cool. If the cigarettes don’t ruin my relationship, I’m sure this site will…..Thanks for nothing.


Hello Ladies and Gents(Lets be honest its all dudes). I’m a 6’3 unathletic white guy who has the soul of a 50 year old man. I’m probably the most hated guy here due to my love of the New England Patriots. Other then them I’m Yankees, Rangers, & Knicks. I’ll be ranting about everything from the Bachelor, Politics, Movies, Sports, and just random things I see on the Internet/TV that I hate. If you see me out on the town you will probably notice I am carrying 2-4 Bud Lights due to my hate of lines & waiting to order.



Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by, can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. For starters, I’m fresh off spending four years and 50K on a broadcasting degree. In retrospect, that money would’ve been better spent on a couple years of Knicks season tickets, or perhaps 3,200 copies of the Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 DVD/Blu-ray boxset. Well, no crying over spilled milk, let’s get down to business. As a Mets, Jets, and Knicks fan, I’ve never known true happiness, but hopefully my thoughts on the three of them can bring some to you. Finally, to any potential employers reading this, the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog and within my posts do not necessarily represent my own, also, I was totally kidding about the worthless degree thing.