Today the World became a better place. You’re welcome.

Many of you will read the news and think that the state of our country has never been worse. A controversial President has just been elected, females with armpit hair are walking down the streets of major cities in America, and the Jets still do not have a starting quarterback. 2016 was a wild time, and 2017 is off to a great start.

My friends and I have decided to start 2017 with a bang and create a website. This website will be mostly about sports and current events but will also contain posts about our lives. We think that we are kinda funny (except for our friend Matt, he definitely isn’t) and are hoping that you all do as well. Most of us are New York/New Jersey-based, so most of the sports posts will be about our disgust for our local franchises, but we promise to be as diverse as possible; we even went out on a limb and started hanging out with a Patriots fan for this site’s sake.

Get ready to laugh, get ready to cry, and crack open a beer because I present to you……….The Daily Dart.