St. Patrick’s Day is over, the Masters are within striking distance, Tiger is back, Rory is the first Irishman of all time to hate drinking, and I’m still bad at Golf.

First let’s address the major issue here, everyone is currently battling the tail-end of their three-day hangover, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re all bummed out, sitting at work wondering what’s next to look forward too, time to get the blood pumping.

We are just 15 short days away from the real start of Golf Season. The Masters is a time of the year that all golfers look forward too. While part of the reason is that we get to watch the best golfers in the world play on what could be argued as the most prestigious course in the world. The main reason for our excitement is that it is finally time for all of us below average scratch golfers to dust off the clubs, and get ready for yet another season of blissful misery on the links. Another year of slicing drives, punching out of the woods, skulling 10 foot chips, pulling putts, and blacking out by the 6th hole…. And personally, I can’t wait.


Along with breaking 90 this year, I get to look forward to watching Tiger Woods absolutely dismantle courses again this year, because let’s face it, he’s definitely back. Tiger woods has placed in the Top 5 in back to back tournaments, with one of them being a second-place finish at The Valspar Championship. Tigers performance was not only good for him, but it was great for golf. The Valspar Championship’s ratings were up 190% year over year, and this is all being credited to Tiger’s run. Two months ago, Tiger was going off at 35-1 to win the Masters, today Tiger is the favorite, going off at 8-1. If you weren’t a believer after The Valspar Championship, then his 5th place finish at The Arnold Palmer Invitational should have removed all remaining doubt. If that didn’t remove your doubts, then please bet against him. We’d all love to watch you lose money.



Speaking of The Arnold Palmer Invitational, the winner, Rory McIlroy, was making news for other reasons. This guy wants to ban drinking at professional golfing events, because he views it as a disruption. Suck it up guy. You make millions of dollars to play a game that the rest of the world pays thousands a year to play. If you really are one of the best golfers in the world, you need to be able to put the hecklers out of your mind. You’ve changed Rory….1411968356467_wps_11_10175390

Are we about to witness a real life “Happy Gilmore” remake?  With Tiger staring as Happy Gilmore. The struggling athlete who catches his stride. Stealing the Green Jacket from Rory “Shooter McGavin” McIlroy…… we can only hope. Can’t wait for this guy to show up at Augusta.

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-Newport News