Is it ironic that Curry, Durant, Thompson, and Green are all now “battling” very minor injuries right before the start of the playoffs? With 11 games left in the season and a Warriors team that has battled fatigue in the playoffs before, I’m going to assume not. Now at the end of the day, an injury is nothing to play with, and are often times painful, but let’s take a deeper look into each of these.

Kevin Durant – Incomplete Rib Cartilage Fracture


Look it up. Its a bruise.

Steph Curry – Bad Ankles

Unfortunately, Steph has been battling this type of injury his whole career, and it is likely one of the more legitimate ones that we’ll see on this list. But Steph has still been milking this one a bit longer than normal, and he didn’t look to be too worried about it when he was hopping around on the boat for his surprise 30th birthday party.

Klay Thompson – Jammed Finger

In the past 7 years Thompson has missed just 13 total games. Now, he is expected to miss the rest of March with a thumb injury, that he originally played through for a while after it happened.

Draymond Green – Groin / Pelvic / No one knows

In an interview after the game, Draymond was asked about his injury, this poor guy was so confused about what to say, it immediately made me wonder, was he told to pull up at some point during the game?

“Yea, not really my groin, little higher up…. It’s just one of those things that stings for a while and usually goes away…. I’m just going to take it day by day to see what happens.”

So, you’re telling us you took a shot to the johnson, and now you’re going to be sitting out a few games. Believe me, no man deserves to ever get hit there, but this seems like a little Hollywood to me. And never forget….


Overall my thought is that the Warriors are going to continue selling these minor injuries and riding them all the way to about 3 games before the playoffs. Knowing damn well that the 2+ weeks off is exactly what these 4 stars need to be 100% for the playoffs. I give a lot of credit to the Warriors organization for being able to pull this off. And everyone seems to be coming around to the idea…


At the end of the day, it’s pretty obvious that a team with the most talent in the NBA is pulling another move to give themselves a competitive advantage. But if they are all seriously hurt, and expect to miss games into the playoffs, then they are screwed. The team put up 75 points last night without all 4 of them last night, the lowest amount of points scored since the start of the Steve Kerr era in 2014.

-Newport News