The Mets’ improbable 2015 World Series run and their outrageous 2016 playoff berth brought forth high expectations for this 2017 season. All of the star players were healthy, Yoenis Cespedes was locked in long-term, and the messiah himself was hitting dingers in Columbia.

Except one by one, the Mets players began dropping like a shallow popup to Luis Castillo. The Mets players that survived the Orange and Blue Wedding were soon sold off to contending teams, and half of their farm system was in the starting lineup by mid-August.


So now that the atrocity that we call the Mets season is finally over, our attention can be shifted to the playoff race, and the former Mets that are now scattered throughout it. Of the 10 teams in the playoffs, 7 teams have a former New York Met on their roster. Now that bodes the question, which team accompanied by a former Met should the Mets faithful root for? Well I’m here to answer that question.



Right off the bat, the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Colorado Rockies are eliminated. None of those three teams have a noteworthy former Met on their team. And even if the Yankees did, we were raised better than to support them.

7. Chicago Cubs – Rene Rivera

Rene Rivera was traded to the Cubs this season and naturally hit .341 for them after a season and a half of batting .226 for the Mets. He is a strong fielder and smart catcher, and the Mets staff always enjoyed him and seemed to pitch better when he was behind the plate. He was a good guy on and off the field but overall was a very forgettable player.

6. Boston Red Sox – Addison Reed

Addison Reed was acquired by the Mets during their 2015 push and he was one of the best setup men in the league for a year and a half. He appeared in 97 games from 2015-2016 and recorded 46 Holds with a sub 1.80 ERA and a WAR of 3.7. Then this past season he stepped into the closer role as Jeurys Familia missed a significant amount of team. He recorded 19 saves with a 2.57 ERA. However, the biggest knock on his Mets legacy is his playoff performance. He gave up 5 earned runs in 8 innings pitched over two playoff runs and lost a World Series game in 2015.

5. Minnesota Twins – Bartolo Colon, Dillon Gee

The Twins are idiots and aren’t carrying Bartolo Colon on their playoff roster for the Wild Card game. Maybe they’ll give Big Sexy another shot at glory if they survive and advance. Dillon Gee went 40-37 with the Mets with a 4.03 ERA over 6 seasons. He was just an average pitcher on a team that had budding superstars nipping at his heels. I don’t have to give a soliloquy for Bartolo Colon; the home run, the behind the back flip, the helmet falling off of his head when he swung. He oozed sex and despite being the oldest player on the Mets, he brought a refreshing attitude that emulated a young Jose Reyes.

4. Cleveland Indians – Jay Bruce

Bruce had an atrocious half a season for the Mets in 2016. But this year, booooo’s quickly turned into Bruuuuuuce as he carried the Mets’ offense during Cespedes’ multiple absences. He hit 29 HRs in 103 games and held down RF better than expected. He hasn’t ruled out returning to the Mets after this season, so I’m going to keep supporting him throughout the postseason. However, his service time on the Mets isn’t long enough for him to be the frontrunner here.

3. Washington Nationals – Daniel Murphy, Oliver Perez, Alejandro De Aza

Oliver Perez and Alejandro De Aza were anigif_sub-buzz-3851-1478668544-4.

I nearly contract AIDS and PTSD thinking about them. But I think it’s time to give Daniel Murphy some respect. Sure, he absolutely MURDERS the Mets every season, but his HR tear during the 2015 World Series run was out of this world. I was living on Cloud 9 for the entire month of October. It’s like seeing your ex from a bunch of years ago living happily with a good guy; you’re happy for them. Plus I already let it all out earlier this season:

2. Los Angeles Dodgers – Curtis Granderson, Justin Turner

Grandy man only played for the Mets for 3 1/2 seasons, but he was an absolute fan favorite on and off the field. While he didn’t replicate his numbers from his tenure on the Yankees, he was a steady bat in the lower half of the order (95 HRs) with a solid glove in RF. He runs the Grand Kids Foundation and it’s harder to find a more charitable athlete in the MLB. It’s impossible not to root for the guy.


Justin Turner was never given a real opportunity on the Mets and sure enough, became an All Star for the Dodgers this year. He was battling with Daniel Murphy for the batting title for half the season because of course. But there’s no bad blood here, let him and Grandy ride.

1. Houston Astros – Carlos Beltran, Tyler Clippard

Carlos Beltran was a 5-time All Star for the Mets who compiled 149 HRs during his tenure. Unfortunately his name is synonymous with watching a hanging Adam Wainwright curveball drop into the strike zone to end Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. Despite Beltran’s playoff prowess, he has yet to win a World Series in 20 seasons.

It’s time for that to change. Beltran is another charitable guy who currently is raising money to help his home, Puerto Rico. He is tied for 9th all time in postseason HRs.

And for Tyler Clippard….he’s riding Beltran’s coattails. Clippard didn’t do anything for the Mets in his half season with them in 2015 and did even less in the playoffs.


So there you have it. We as Mets fans are now Astros fans this postseason. In a perfect world, the Astros and Dodgers get to square off. There is a 70% chance that at least one New York Met from the 2015 or 2016 team will earn a World Series ring this year. That’s gotta count for something, right?