Back when Twitter was just a wee young lad, the Mets had a Q & A with Daniel Murphy at the helm.


At the time of the Mets Q & A session, Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner were two relatively unknown players in the MLB coming off of their 4th season in the majors. Murphy had solidified himself as an average everyday 2nd baseman while Turner bounced all over the infield looking for his home. With all the time Justin Turner was spending on the bench, he put himself in charge of the celebrations for walk-off hits and other big plays. His tactic? Pies in the face:



Turner was just a 27 year old kid trying to have some fun during a mediocre Mets season. His pieing celebrations became a fan favorite, and one Mets fan named @MitchNYM asked Daniel Murphy how it felt when Justin Turner creampies him. If you don’t know what MitchNYM was getting at with his phrasing then I suggest you turn away now before it’s too late. I guess Daniel Murphy didn’t know either and now this tweet will last forever in the Internet Hall of Shame:


Daniel Murphy, huge creampie guy.



Fast forward, where is everybody now? I’ll tell you where. They’re both All-Stars atop the National League batting average leaderboard. But, oh yeah, wearing different uniforms.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 3.10.40 AM

After only playing in 86 games  and hitting .280 for the Mets in 2013, Justin Turner was non-tendered, making him a free agent. The Los Angeles Dodgers scooped him up on a minor league deal and within 365 days he was hitting .340. He has a career average of .308 with the Dodgers as opposed to .265 with the Mets. In 2015, Turner went on and set the NLDS record for doubles in a series with 6 against who else but the good ole Metropolitans.

After an insane 2015 postseason performance by Daniel Murphy which included a record 6 consecutive games with a HR, he declined a one-year, $15.8 million qualifying offer by the Mets. Instead, he joined their inter-division rivals in the Washington Nationals for three years and $37.5 million. In his season and two-thirds there, Murph has hit .344 with 42 HRs. In 7 seasons with the Mets, Daniel Murphy hit a career .288 with only 62 HRs. He also has been MURDERING the Mets since he left:

Year-by-Year Splits: New York Mets
2016 19 19 81 75 14 31 6 0 7 21 1 1 5 9 .413 .444 .773 1.218
2017 12 11 52 46 8 18 5 1 1 13 0 0 6 6 .391 .462 .609 1.070
Career 31 30 133 121 22 49 11 1 8 34 1 1 11 15 .405 .451 .711 1.162
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Generated 7/30/2017.


These two former Mets are currently on teams that are a combined 25.5 games in front of their divisions and are seemingly on a collision course to battle it out in the NLCS. Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy have their own personal battle brewing in the batting average leaderboard. The Mets meanwhile have Daniel Murphy’s tweet hanging in the Twitter Hall of Shame while they’re sitting out of contention this season. At least Joe Buck will only bring up that these two characters were once teammates on the Mets about a hundred times during the postseason. There aren’t even creampies to enjoy anymore.