Yeah, you didn’t fool anyoImage result for kristaps porzingisne.  And if you did, it was the stupidly-optimistic Knick fan (72% of overall fanbase) that believed you. Everyone on the outside, knows you’re a fraud.

How could you possibly believe that in the wee hours of a Saturday night in May (when you’re team has been eliminated from playoff contention basically since Christmas) the sob story of “my phone was hacked and Twitter is “looking into the incident.”  

Image result for child please andre gif<< What Andre said.

My dude was out at drinking and talking about his future and came to the conclusion that he was going to tweet about how he low key enjoyed the fact that when he skipped out on his exit meetings, teams were ringing the Knicks left and right form him. 

First off, Twitter doesn’t give a rats ass about you.  If you believe for a second that Twitter is “looking into the incident” than you’re part of the 72% moronic Knick fanbase. I will say this though – IF, I was working in the front office for the Knicks, I would pay for Twitter to “look into” this.  So many positives come out of this:                                                         1. You find out if Porzingis has any real intention on staying in New York.                             2. With the draft just over one month away, you have now FULLY ENTERED franchise re-boot.  (I’m talking trading Zing in the draft, acquiring picks etc.)                                                3. I would find out for the pure fact that this was an embarrassing attempt at lying to the public.

^ I hate 2 things in this world and those two things both begin with the letter L. I hate losing Image result for pinocchio gifand I hate lying.  Porzingis is making the Knicks more of a losing franchise than they already are as well as fraudulent, lying players. The worst part about this is that he continued the lie. Yes, I am making the CONNECTION.


On Sunday morning following what Porzingis refers to as the incident, he tweeted this. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.19.18 AM.pngAlright, so he took a screenshot of his most recent emojii’s??? FRAUD.  If he was as innocent as he’s been preaching, he would have had to send out this “I’m guilty” B.S 
This has FRAUD, written all over it and once again it is not a good time to be a Knick fan (and it’s May).