Aaron Zabriskie, more famously known as ZDOG, is a diehard Utah sports fan. Women want to be with him, and men want to be him. He’s got the fries that will cross your eyes. He’s got the shakes that will make you quake. He’s got the burgers that….he’s just got burgers. He spits rhymes faster than Twista and has more eloquent lyrics than Eminem. He dabs harder than Cam Newton and whips harder than OBJ.

Take it easy ZDOG! The Clippers have families!

Here’s the full video:

Can’t get enough? I thought so:


ZDOG is such a polarizing figure in the Utah community that even Gordon Hayward had to hunt him down to take a picture at the local grocery store.


There is no way that the Los Angeles Clippers can come back from this. First it was Iso Joe Johnson at the buzzer of Game 1:

And now ZDOG is out here murdering the Clippers on the Internet streets. The Clippers don’t stand a CHANCE in this series. Jazz in 4. I’d consider shutting down the entirety of the playoffs and handing over all of the jewels to the Jazz.

ZDOG, the hero that Utah both needs, and deserves.