People have a hard time believing me when I tell them that cartoons like Spongebob and Rugrats were never part of my childhood.  Yeah, thats right, I watched ESPN every single morning before school as well as Saturday and Sunday’s.  It wasn’t like it was a parental control thing, it’s truthfully because I thought sports were the only thing that mattered (I turned out to be right). ESPN top 10 plays at the :50 minute mark of each hour was the best thing ever.  Also, sports highlights took up 60% of the show, not 10%.

But not anymore.  ESPN has officially pissed me off and I will be using other outlets such as Fox, Bleacher Report, CBS and hell I’ll even listen to ___________   and others to get my information from HERE ON OUT.  The only problem with this is that my associate,1 Frank, who made this site, claims that we should strictly talk about sports/funny shit that we see streaming and in no case politics.  The problem with that is when sports and politics mix – are we supposed to avoid a good story?

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Sage Steele, (right) who has been the NBA countdown news anchor for 10 years recently lost her job to longtime office-dater Michelle Beadle (By the way, notice how I politely wrote “office dater”).

So who gives a shit?  Why does it matter that some chick lost her job to another?  The issue isn’t that she lost her job, it’s why she lost her job.  Sage Steele flat out lost her job because for the past year she has expressed her opinions on social issues such as travel bans, the election, protests and more.  People obviously did not like the fact that she was complaining about having her flight delayed in airports because of immigration protests. Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.24.22 PM.png

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To the right, you will find an excerpt from a Facebook post that Steele put up which talks about the ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘reverse racism’ that she sees happening as result of Black Lives Matter protests.


Now this is where it gets interesting, Here’s what ESPN recently released on the firing or “letting go” of Sage Steele.

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Wait, they didn’t mention anything at all! Not once did they mention anything about my girl Sage!!!!! (Also, the name Sage, is low key a fire name. My friend Mitch loves chicks with the name Sage.  He also just loves chicks.

ANYWAY: Look, I could give two shits where you stand on your political views but if you’re going to fire someone because they are expressing an opinion than you suck.  You might as well get rid of supporting Memorial Day, Black History Month, Women’s March Day and any other social topic of conversation because on these days employees of yours do segments on them ALL THE TIME.

I’m not Image result for dan patrick memesuggesting that Steele is a modern day Dan Patrick, but she was the anchor on NBA countdown for 10 years, no?  Peter Rosenberg, from The Michael Kay Show (is actually in the wrong line of work because in my opinion, he is absolutely hilarious) manages to state his political opinions on ESPN radio everyday between the hours of 4-7pm.  The fact that he has not been canned yet is absolute blasphemy.  We all know the answer to why he’s OK and its simple— you simply cannot say anything to someone who is “with” the majority and in this case, the majority (media) is “with” Rosenberg, whereas, it is not the same in Steele’s case.

The worst part about this is the fact that GOD FOR BID someone like Rosenberg was fired for his love of Colin Kapernick or support of Black Lives Matter (which by the way, in no way am I saying that his support is wrong– just simply done in the wrong way) the media would be ALL over it.  Yet, no one even knows what has happened to my girl Sage. #typical

FYI – Held back a lot in this one.  Not trying to get fired by the Frank boss.

Kidding, the boss is a loser.

Also kidding, he is not a loser he’s my best mate.