The football artist formerly known as Chad Johnson hasn’t touched an NFL field since 2011, but has been very active on social media and has even found himself on an MLS pitch. Most recently, he was down in Mexico catching bombs in la Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional LFA.

It was his first touchdown since his 2015 stint with the Montreal Alouettes north of the border. Also, I’m very disappointed that the one time it was appropriate to refer to Chad Johnson as Ochocinco, the Mexican broadcaster didn’t do so.

Anyways, I guess Chad’s new stint brought back some of his old competitive juices, as he challenged Antonio Brown to some 1-on-1s.

Antonio agreed to compete, and the duo met near Hollywood, FL, where Antonio has spent most of his offseason training with various NFL players. Ochocinco, who has 3 inches on AB, chose to play defense, and the results did not disappoint. I’ll cut to the chase:

^ Please watch all of those routes. Not to be outdone, Ochocinco tweeted out some of his own highlights from their session.

Of course, both guys only posted their good plays, but I gotta hand it to Antonio here. Obviously, he’s 11 years younger and is in the middle of his prime, but those routes on his Instagram were nasssssssty. Ochocinco is a professional football player who also plays soccer all the time, and Antonio had his feet criss-crossed on several routes.

However, Ochocinco’s skills drew the interest from some of the best receivers in the game.

Even Mike Vick has expressed some interest in quarterbacking these battles.

For 39 years old, Ochocinco is looking good out there. At the very least, it’s cool to see him go up against some of the NFL’s best guys and holding his own. It looks like they’re getting some younger guys involved, too. I doubt any NFL teams will come knocking on Chad’s door (although he says he can be a three-down corner on 27 teams), but videos of these showdowns will always pique my interest.