Well, as a 5’10” (5’8.7568”) white guy this is easy for me. I’m picking the option that allows me to yam with the best of them and physically disrespect people. I want to be able to tomahawk on children at the park at the age of 84. Yes, I understand that $50K is a lot of money that could potentially open some doors for me as a 23 year old dude but, I’ve said it a billion times in the past, if I could put somebody on a poster I could die a happy man. If I had this ability I would never take another jump shot again in my life. Defenders would be able to play defense on me like they do on Joakim Noah. Literally don’t play D unless I have the ball on the block. We are in the social media era and murdering a human via dunk is a sure fire way to go viral. Another deciding factor in this decision is that I am just flat out not a responsible person. $50k would last me about three days, max. Basically, for me, this question is would you rather be able to dunk a basketball for the rest of your life or spend a weekend in Atlantic City. See, phrasing it like that doesn’t make my decision sound too ridiculous….

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