First of all, congrats to USA Baseball for bringing home the World Baseball Classic Championship after absolutely dominating Puerto Rico last night.

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Second of all, fuck everyone that is giving Marcus Stroman and his mother shit for him playing for team USA. I just don’t get the notion here. The backstory is that Marcus’s mother was born in Puerto Rico and, because of this, he was eligible to play for the PR national team but he chose not to do so because he was born in Medford, Long Island. LONG ISLAND.

Image result for long island on usa mapIt’s not like he was born in NY and then moved to Puerto Rico as a child and lived there most of his life. This kid literally went to high school in Long Island and then Duke for college. The biggest surprise here is that, with that upbringing, he isn’t some snobby, rich white kid. I cannot believe that this is a major headline. The worst part about this uproar is that Puerto Rico had four players on their roster that were born in USA. Reymond Fuentes was born in Florida, Seth Lugo was born in Louisiana, T.J. Rivera was born in the Bronx, and Hector Santiago was born in Newark. I hate people.

I’m so happy that Marcus, though a Yankee foe, absolutely murdered Puerto Rico last night. He was dominant. My guy carried a no hitter through six innings and who knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t have to sit on the bench for 7,544,698 hours due to USA batters pillaging the Puerto Rican pitchers. This is crazy impressive because the PR lineup is nothing to look past. They boasted a lineup that included Carlos Beltran, Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, Yadier Molina, and Javier Baez of whom are all very good MLB players.

This is the first World Baseball Classic that I’ve followed and it actually was pretty fun to watch. The players are fired up and there’s always a sense of pride when watching any sport where the players are wearing the letters USA across their chest. Hopefully in four years more American superstars opt to play (cough cough Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Chris Sale, etc.). This has to be a billion times more fun than spring training anyways.

Until next time….