The New York Knicks have been atrocious this season. Whether we’re arguing about implementing the triangle, watching Noah get payed a billion dollars to sit on the bench, or just flat out losing basketball games, it hasn’t been good. What I’m hoping for, and what we need, is to tank the rest of the season and try to get one of the top kids coming out of college, and there’s a bunch. The problem that we have run into, however, is that we aren’t sucking enough. For example, last night the Knicks played the Magic in Orlando. I totally understand that the Magic have their own issues but with Melo not playing, Rose not getting many minutes in the second half, and Porzingoat limited with foul trouble, this was the perfect game to lose so, of course, they won.

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A loss would’ve been a perfect way to start this four game road trip but players like Lance Thomas (my least favorite player in basketball) and Justin Holliday swooped down from

Image result for lance thomas funnythe clouds like Bald Eagles attacking their prey, which in this case was Aaron Gordon, the point guard with the dumb looking head, and my dreams of landing a top pick, and saved (ruined) the day. The bottom of the NBA, with the Nets being the exception, is all clumped up so the difference between having the third worst record and seventh worst record could only be like two games. This magnifies how important it was to lose to the Magic but we just can’t get out of our own way. We were down like 14 at the end of the third before Jamaica Queens’ finest, Kyle O’Quinn, made like 6 shots in a row.

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  • Side Note: I wonder how much shit Kyle’s boys from Queens gave him for going to Norfolk State. I mean, 50 Cent is from Jamaica Queens and then young blood chooses a school in Norfolk, VA. Toughen up.

The Knicks only have 18 games left in the regular season so the chances that we have to lose are dwindling every day. The only bright side is the fact that our schedule is very difficult but losing games to the Magic isn’t helping our cause. I understand that the players are playing for contracts/cash so I get that they won’t give up but as a fan this is extremely frustrating.

A few players that I would love for the Knicks to draft contingent on us swallowing our pride:

  1. Lonzo Ball: The guy is the full package. He sees the floor as well as any college freshman can, he can shoot, creates his own shot, has the athleticism to play above the rim, and is 6’6”. He’s so well rounded and this is exemplified by his 14.9 ppg 6.2 Image result for lonzo ballreb and 7.8 ast stat line. He would be my top choice. Can you imagine the high pick and roll with Ball and Goatzingis while having the confidence that your PG is going to make the right play? Sign me up.
  2. Malik Monk: Monk is a savage. He can create his own shot very well but is great at playing without the ball. He really knows how to take advantage of off-ball screens and hit a J without putting the ball on the wood. There’s been multiple occasions where I’ve watched Kentucky games and Malik went from having 4 points in the first half and then dropping 30 in the second. Cold blooded.Image result for malik monk swag
  3. Markelle Fultz: My only reservation on Fultz is that his team is horrendous. It’s pretty crazy to think that back to back #1 picks in the NBA draft can come from non-tournament teams but the kid can score. He’s the most intriguing prospect in my mind just because I don’t get to watch too many Washington games. That being said, a line of 23.2 ppg 5.7 reb and 5.9 ast state line is definitely impressive. After typing that I realized how awesome that is. Holy fuck.Image result for markelle fultz
  4. Josh Jackson: What don’t the Knicks do well (along with many, many other things)? play defense. This pick would give us a talented defender on the wing that we desperately need. I remember when we were able to put Shumpert on other team’s best 2s or 3s but those days are behind us. The biggest difference between Jackson and Shumpert is that Jackson can actually score. Josh is a highlight reel waiting to happen and he isn’t afraid to put somebody on a poster. I think that his physical gifts are unmatched in this draft which you can see by his 6’8” 205lb frame at only 18 years old. Geesh.Image result for josh jackson
  5. Frank Ntilikina: All I know about Frank is that he is a 6’5” point guard that prides himself on his defense and passing abilities. International players are tough for us to gauge because all we get to watch are YouTube clips but from what I’m hearing this Image result for frank ntilikinaguy is the real deal. Also, after Latvia provided us with their sole Goat, I’m not opposed to another player from across the pond. As long as it’s not Andrea Bargnani, of course.
  • Another Side Note: I’ve seen a lot of scouts linking us to the SF/PF out of Michigan State – Miles Bridges. I don’t hate Miles Bridges and think that he could actually haveImage result for miles bridges some Draymond Green-esque upside but I think he would be a reach in the top 7. If we fell into double digits I would be much more comfortable with this pick but he kinda reminds me of Melo with his body type a.k.a fat which isn’t ideal.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long article but I needed to vent a bit. To wrap things up, the Knicks need to lose and they need to start losing quickly. There are many prizes to be had that can provide a silver lining to their ineptitude but winning games like they did last night against the Magic are going to lead us down a long, dark alley that will surely lead to the 13th-15th pick

Hugs and Kisses,