Buddy Hield gets ejected on Sunday night after “passing” by Demarcus Cousins. Yeah, boldimgres-1.jpg strategy is right!  Look man, here’s some advice– if you’re going to grab anyone’s dick in the NBA, don’t choose to do so on Boogie. #RookieMistake but actually, because you’re a rookie. #KnowYourPlace

I think the best part about this whole scenario was Buddy’s reaction after the game.  He stated, “Nothing was intentional, DeMarcus sold it. Then on slow-motion [replay], it looks way worse than it is.”

My response to you Buddy.  imgres-1.jpg

Lied^. The best part about this whole thing is the fact that Anthony Davis posted the picture seen below of Buddy grabbing dick – only this time it was his own.  My million dollar question: Is Buddy Hield going to go on a dick grabbing spree?  He grabbed Boogies and his own all in one night.  Is he the Grayson Allen, without the tripping, but, with all the dick grabbing? Let’s see how this plays out.