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Starting 1 minute timer for epic rant now:

  1. Knicks are a joke
  2. Jets are a joke
  3. People are sensitive
  4. Giants fans are actually DUSTED
  5. Are the Nets even real?
  7. Snow sucks
  8. Melo should leave if he wants to win
  9. LGR

^Not that impressive.  I really thought I was going to get somewhere into the teens.

What if I told you that the Knicks are more of an embarrassment to sports than the Jets?  You would probably say that I am stupid but let me explain.  Not only are the Knicks ten games under .500 but they are only 3.0 games out of the playoffs. I know- WOW, the East sucks. “We still in it though, only 3 games out.” – every Knicks fan.


Yes, you’re all a bunch of idiots.  Almost as dumb as your boy D-Rose calling him and the rest of the team a ‘super team’ back in August. The Knicks preseason aspirations were in NO WAY, to simply, make the playoffs.  They never would have paid Noah 80 million, Courtney Lee a nice 50 million and on top of that acquire D-Rose for an eight or seven seed in the East.  It’s a complete waste if all you are going to do is lose in four games to the Cavs/Celtics/Wizards.  Everyone and their mother knows that the Knicks want to win now- hence, why they made these deals. The reality is that the Knicks have not won in 35 years and thus making the playoffs is no longer considered as progress, but a waste. At least the Jets have high draft picks and players that will still come to New York (so we think).  Who in the hell is ever going to want to come to the Knicks when you got Phil Jackson tweeting like a 14 year old girl about the best player the franchise since Ewing/Starks/Oakley era.  Oh wait, Charles Oakley?  Mnmm – I’ll get back to that.  Here’s what Phil tweeted yesterday about Carmelo Anthony.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.30.19 PM.png

What exactly are you doing Phil?  I mean, if your goal is to shop Melo – then why the hell are you bashing him?  All you have done is put the organization in a worse spot than before.  Who is going to want him after how you have bashed him? Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.35.38 PM.png

If you were to look at this tweet without knowing it was Phil who wrote it, you’d think it was some angry hippie who is depressed from the election.  Side note- a few darters and I know one in particular and she’s NUTS.  This chick literally thinks she’s Katy Perry demanding an impeachment every other snap, fb and IG post.  All I have to say to her is you can’t impeach Trump if he’s #NotYourPresident.  Anyway, enough of that and enough of her, she’s a JOKE. #MANTRA #MANTRA #MANTRA

Do I blame Oakley for getting forceful and putting hands on security guards? No.  Was it a bad look? Definitely.  What do you expect the guy to do, when 14 people come to remove him from the Garden?  According to him, he can’t even go take a leak without people following him to the bathroom.  Now, I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that there are soooo many alternative ways he could have been removed. So, did Phil comment on what happened with Oakley?  Does the pope shit in his hat? No.

No news is good news which is why teams like the Wizards and Celtics are having themselves nice seasons.  Anytime you want to hear about the Knicks, 11/10 it’s negative. Guys miss games and don’t explain why, owner bashes best player/doesn’t talk to media. There’s a million and one things wrong with this organization and being that they will end up drafting somewhere in the middle, they are going to need to rely on free agents – name a free agent that would want to come to this shit show?tumblr_nso81bHTiO1tq4of6o1_500.gif

Reaction when players get asked: How do you feel about playing for the Knicks? ^^^