David Johnson made a splash on Wednesday by posting this video of him jumping straight out of a pool.

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Knee showing great progress! 👌🏾

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Coming off of a left meniscus injury in week 16, this is a good sign that DJ2K will be back and better than ever for the 2017 NFL season. Johnson was a big game away from becoming only the 3rd player in NFL history to record 1,000+ yards rushing and receiving in one season, joining Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig. Anybody that watched him play at Northern Iowa (probably just me) knew that he was a star in the making and it took the Arizona Cardinals about 10 weeks into his rookie season to finally realize that.

A healthy and even more explosive David Johnson will help lead the Cardinals to a bounce back year after a more than disappointing 2016 campaign. It was just announced this past week that both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald have at least one more year in them, and DJ is hyped.

Rumors were circulating that Carson Palmer was ready to hang them up after last season, which would leave Arizona with Drew Stanton, AKA this guy, as QB1:


Excellent celebration guy, piss poor quarterback. There’s also a good chance that Elmhurst Elementary 6th Grade spelling bee champion and former Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer will be taken in the 1st round by Arizona this year. Nevertheless, having his trusty veteran teammates for one more year will alleviate some of the pressure that would otherwise be plopped right onto David Johnson’s lap had they both retired.

David Johnson’s rehabilitation pool box jump is a step above what Houston Texans’ JJ Watt was doing less than a year ago.

JJ Watt endured a herniated disk, as well as five partially or fully torn core muscles during the 2015 NFL season, while still winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Absolute madness. However, after some surgeries and time off, JJ Watt set out to show the world that he was back by posting an Instagram of his explosiveness on the boxes.

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Post-surgery progress.

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JJ Watt unfortunately suffered a season ending back injury and there was even speculation that he would retire. JJ scoffed at the idea and told the world that he wasn’t leaving and that he’d be back and better than ever.


And then there’s me. I’ve got a fractured hip and separated shoulder on my rap sheet and I’m currently battling a somewhat broken wrist that may or may not have come from punching an inanimate object. But I’m not here to complain. I did what any true athlete does while battling an injury and that is post a video of me jumping on, in, or out of something.

Now, I know what everybody is thinking. “Hey trevozza, you took a running start, that isn’t fair!” Well I’ll tell you what, David Johnson is 6’1″. JJ Watt is 6’5″. I say I’m 6′ to girls but in reality I barely touch 5’10” on a good day. David Johnson jumped out of the shallow end of the pool which was a little higher than his knees. That’s about a 3 foot jump. JJ Watt’s box is a little below his chest. Say that’s about 2 feet shorter than him, the box is 4’5″. If you look at mine, the tires were about shoulder high. Put me down for a 5 foot jump. Those are the facts. While I finish up my last year in school (allegedly), I do still have four years of eligibility, so Nick Saban if you’re reading this, it isn’t too late to snag a transfer to stick it to Clemson next year.


P.S. Hey Vontae Davis; good job, good effort. I jumped higher from a seated position during The Conjuring.