This article has nothing to do with the below paragraph but I need to get something off my chest so stick with me for a minute.

Wow, that sucked. The 2016-2017 NFL season is officially in the books, ending with Brady and Belichick metaphorically, and potentially very figuratively at some point in my life, dancing on my grave. Their 25 point comeback, along with the 475 Bud Lights, 12 slices of pizza, 23 chicken wings, 6 pounds of buffalo chicken dip, and a gallon of my friend Tim’s tears, made me want to vomit on multiple occasions. There was a point in the fourth quarter where there was about 5:30 left on the (running) clock and the Falcons were in a position to kick a 45 yarder to make it a two possession game. If they ran the ball on second and third down and then kicked the field goal they would’ve went up 11  with only about 3:30 left on the clock or with about 5:00 on the clock (if the Pats burned both of their time outs). Easy, right? WRONG.Image result for new england patriots evil The Falcons dropped back for a pass on second down and took a sack of about eight yards turning what would’ve been a 45 yarder into a 53 yarder. At this point not all is lost. The clock is still ticking and Matt Bryant, in a dome, can get it there. Then, and this is where I lost my shit, they dropped back for a pass on third down and took a holding penalty which took them out of field goal range and stopped the clock. They could’ve easily iced the game but we all know how everything turned out. 49ers fans must be very nervous now that they’ve hired Shanahan and saw how he managed that clock. Just inexcusable. Sorry about the rant but this isn’t what the article is about so stick with me here. Back to the Jets! (I’m sorry)

In the 2017-2018 NFL season I want the Jets to TANK. Not 6-10 tank. I’m talking 2016 Philadelphia 76ers 10-72 tankage. Let’s go 0-16. Will it be an ugly year which subsequently makes me bleed out of my eyes on multiple occasions? Yes.Image result for jets fan crying But that is beside the point. We NEED the first overall pick in the 2018 draft. This isn’t like the NBA where having the worst record doesn’t guarantee you the top spot so let’s not leave anything to chance and just lose them all. Jets fans, including myself, have watched so much terrible football over the years, which makes this a tough pill to swallow, but at least this pill could do some Osmosis Jones type shit to our immune system and actually give us new life. I present to you……..Sam Darnold.

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I want Sam more than I want to be able to dunk a basketball, and that is saying something. All I’ve ever wanted to do was put somebody on a poster in a pickup game. Just start handing out L’s like Blake Griffin. I have to stop ranting. Back to SAM. This guy is 6’4, 225 lbs, has an absolute cannon, and just finished his redshirt freshman year with 10 starts which included 9 wins, 1 loss, 309 yards a game, a 67% completion rating, 31 TDs opposed to 9 picks, and a Rose Bowl performance that made Nittany Lions across the nation weep, girls at USC weak at the knees, and NFL scouts, including myself of course, rock hard. This kid is the real deal and if he performs this season the way he did last he will be the clear frontrunner for the #1 overall spot. The Jets need him so badly.

Let’s take a look at the Jets current Quarterback situation.

  1. The Jets will not pick up Fitz’s second year option which means he will be throwing red zone interceptions for another team next season
  2. Geno is a free agent and not only do we not want him but he doesn’t want us. That guy needs a new start as a backup somewhere else
  3. Bryce Petty will be on the roster and I guess, as of right now, is our starter. I like his toughness and his arm but I don’t think he is the answer.
  4. Hackenberg doesn’t know how to read. Neither defenses nor books. He went to Penn State so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Mac will get fired at some point due to this pick.

Now let’s take a look at the 2017 QB Free Agent Market:

  1. Kirk Cousins – I honestly think that he will remain a Redskin
  2. Brian Hoyer – A proven commodity – as a backup
  3. Mike Glennon – A proven commodity – as a backup
  4. Nick Foles- A proven commodity – as a backup
  5. Matt Barkley – A proven commodity – as a backup
  6. Jay Cutler – I know that he isn’t a Free Agent yet but I think that the Bears will cut Image result for jay cutler cigaretteshim. Teammates just don’t like this guy and he gives off a real “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Because of this, I think he will be the Jets target. He fits their mold perfectly.

As you can see, the Jets current QB situation and the incoming Free Agent class leaves a lot to be desired. Every one of them is a bum. I just pray to God that if the Jets are dumb enough to sign a guy like Cutler or Glennon they give him the Fitz deal where it’s one year guaranteed and there’s no money lost if (when) we cut them before their second season. All of this leads me to this conclusion: Please tank for Sam Darnold. Not only will he inject some life into our team and fan base, and not in a Tim Tebow or Michael Vick kinda way, but he will actually give us hope on the field. The best QB that the Jets have had in the past 15 years was Chad Pennington and that’s saying something. #PrayForSam #PrayForTheJets #PrayForFrank #PrayForTheDailyDart