As many of you New England fans are still on your high horse from last night’s 25-point Super Bowl comeback, I feel the need to make you all aware of a daunting fact. Julian Edelman might be dead. No, not actually dead, but the imminent doom of his career as we know it. As a Giants fan, this upsetting fact is actually one that holds dear to my heart for multiple reasons. First of all, completely irrelevant, but I just lost the staple of my fantasy football team from the last 3+ years. Edelman is the most consistent 12 – 15 fantasy points that you ever could have come by, and graciously ran the flex spot for me for the past 3+ seasons, being a key part of both of my championships. All of that is irrelevant, as I will be able to find a timely replacement, but the reality of it all is that the Patriots are losing WR-1. And here is my letter to you.

Dear Patriots Fans,

You bitched, you moaned, you whined, and you complained. But in 2008 and 2012 the New York Giants were crowned Super Bowl champions, taking down your precious Tommy Terrific both times. And there’s not one Patriot fan out there that hasn’t uttered the words “lucky catch,” “you don’t win either of those without that Tyree or Manningham catch,” or some rendition of that. Well, what do you have to say about that now? I would assume absolutely nothing, as last night you finally found your little bit of luck in Houston. And the reality of it all is that, the Patriots don’t win Super Bowl LI without that catch.

Julian Edelman, Keanu Nealm Ricardo Allen

Let’s take a quick trip back a few years, to a day that none of you enjoyed. On February 3rd 2008, we watched David Tyree pull off what was possibly the biggest sighting of sorcery since David Copperfield pulled a bunny rabbit out of his ass. Seriously, this guy took the term “using your head” and gave it a whole new meaning. David Tyree was the real hero of Super Bowl XLII. But while the Giants marched on to victory, Tyree marched off the field for the very last time, as that was the very last catch of his NFL career.


Fast forward to another awful day in history for all you Patriot’s fans, February 5th 2012.  As we watched history repeat itself, with a huge Giants win, and another great catch. This time we watched Mario Manningham go blazing down the sidelines, and make an incredible over the shoulder catch. At this point, as a Giants fan, I started to think this is too good to be true, but nevertheless the G-Men pulled another rabbit out their own asses and did it again. Mannigham got his Super Bowl, and was never resigned, ending his career with the now awful San Francisco 49ers. Even though the very next year, the 49ers sniffed at greatness, they fell short, and Manningham wasn’t even on the active playoff roster. He was plagued with injuries the next two seasons after his win with the Giants, and inevitably retired at the young age of 26.

Super Bowl

Now it’s your turn, Patriots fan. You wanted Super Bowl LI so badly, that you finally went and sacrificed one of your own. Nothing will ever take that catch away from Edelman, it was a fleeting moment of greatness, but now his career is over. As the predecessors of the great Super Bowl catches before him know, there is just no coming back. Tom Brady’s deal with the devil may have come with the caveat that he must give up his pride and joy of the Patriots’ receiving corps, and Tommy just couldn’t say no to ring # 5.


So, I’d like to be the first to say that I am not sorry for your loss, as this is something Giants fans have gone through twice. And if for some astonishing reason that Edelman was meant to survive this Super Bowl curse, I’m sure the mayhem that will be ensuing in Boston in the next few days will finish the job off. I know this is a very deflating moment for all you Pats fans, bittersweet to say least, but I’m sure you’ll bounce back, think about it, Tom Brady is only 39……


-R.I.P. Jules


-Newport News