r177133_130x180_smallmug.jpgQuestion 1: Who the hell is this kid?                                                         Answer: Guy who just ruined his life.

He goes by the name Donavan Winter and he obviously does not care about his future.  Signing day for college football players was this past Wednesday and Michigan State commit, Donavan Winter, did not submit his letter of intent.

Question 2: Why didn’t he submit his letter of intent?                                                                         Answer: He’s in jail.

This asshole is being held on a $2,000 bail bond and is currently wearing a GPS device sponsored by Garmin- kidding, but he is 100% in deep shit.  He was arrested for burglary and larceny of a firearm.   Donavan’s high school football coach commented that he will not be signing his letter of intent (thanks captain obvious) and that he was removed from the high school.

For the sake of this kids family, I hope he gets it together but then at the same time, if you were signing a letter of intent to play football at MSU and just days before, you decide to go steal some guns and rob someones home…. You’re an ass.