Image result for matt ryan boston collegeThat’s right Lads, Matt Ryan is coming for that neck. The crown jewel of Boston College is on the path to greatness. And the only thing that’s in his way from completing his journey is Tom Brady and the Massachusetts faithful. The ones who used to once adore the former Eagle and Heisman Trophy Candidate in hopes that he could bring them a National Championship. Well guess what Pats fans, the real number 12 is back in Mass. And he plans on drinking your tears come Sunday Night.

They retired his jersey just this fall on the Chestnut Hill campus. And the stadium roared with cheers as he officially became an eternal great at Boston College with the likes of Doug Flutie and Luke Kuechly. However, come Sunday something tells me those same people who were cheering him on that Saturday this past fall wont be doing the same when he’s thrown his third touchdown to the thoroughbred Julio Jones and wins Super Bowl LI MVP. And you know what’s going to be the best part of all this is when he shows up on the Boston College Campus with his freshly polished Lombardi trophy to rub it in all there faces. So here’s to hoping that Matty Ice goes from hero to villain in the State of Massachusetts and breaks thousands of hearts.