For those of you that aren’t aware, Zach Randolph is an NBA power forward that has been on the Memphis Grizzlies for the past 274 seasons. This might be a lie but a true fact is that he’s been on the Grizz for the past eight seasons, spent three years jumping back and forth between the Knicks and Clippers, and before that was on the Trail Blazers for six years. The point is that my guy is old. 35 years old to be exact. Image result for zach randolph funnyZ-Bo has had a very long, and fairly successful, NBA career. He’s a lifetime 16 and 9 guy which is way above average and has even made two NBA All-Star teams (2010 and 2013). He’s most known for his ability to get position on the block for easy shots and rebounds because of his 6’9 wide frame. I typically don’t watch Memphis grizzlies games so I don’t get to watch him every night but when I watch ESPN I pay attention. That being said, this morning while getting ready for work and dreading my day I overheard the most unbelievable stat (I’m a big stat guy but this had me shook).

The 6’9, wide-bodied, rim protecting power forward, that has spent 15 seasons in the NBA, matched a career high in a very interesting area of the game yesterday. He matched his career high for dunks in a single game with the magical number of…………………………………………………………………two. TWO dunks. Again, this 6’9, wide-bodied, rim protecting power forward, that has spent 15 seasons in the NBA, matched a career high in dunks with TWO. How in the world has this man not had more than two dunks in a game in the past 15 years? You figure that there would be at least one game where he catches a couple outlets on the break and has an easy three.Image result for zach randolph layup I mean LeBron has about 6 dunks a game. I couldn’t believe what I heard. If ESPN was just joking around than I apologize but if they weren’t this needs to be a bigger story. No way am I the only one that is surprised to hear this. Z-Bo just loves layups. Big time layup guy. Kinda reminds me of myself. I don’t want to make people feel bad so I settle for layups and finger rolls. Me and my boy Zach Randolph just intimidating the fuck out of opposing power forwards with our fundamentally sound post moves. I can’t even get mad at the guy; it still counts as two points.

– Frank