Here at The Daily Dart, we pride ourselves in covering all things sports. Well, I am sorry to announce that a feline has gained entry into this year’s Westminster Dog Show. For 140 years, we had the pleasure of watching man’s best friend compete in agility, obedience, and individual breed competitions without a single mention of a cat. Just take a lot at last year’s results:


Good dogs everywhere! Why must the Westminster Dog Show ruin the sanctity of all that is Holy by adding evil cats into the mix. Cats will line up with dogs during the “Meet and Compete” segment of the Westminster Dog Show on February 11th. I for one will be boycotting this segment and I invite all of you to join me.

This is preposterous. This is like adding snakes to the Puppy Bowl. I want 10/10 good dogs and so does America. Bill Murray warned us of this moment decades ago.

The good news is that the Westminster Kennel Club allowed three new breeds of dogs to compete this year. Here they are.


Definitely a good dog. Part of the Hound family, Sloughis used to hunt game and now serve as loyal companions.



Another good dog. Pumis are fluffy balls of energy and will compete alongside the Herding Group.

American Hairless Terrier


Yet more good dogs. Great for owners with allergies, these good dogs will compete alongside other terriers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat hired other cats to take out the competition Tonya Harding style. They’re always up to no good, which is proven here in an exclusive sneak peek at the diaries of a dog and a cat.