Look, is this a rant that’s directed at the result of the last two times that Dallas met Green Bay in the playoffs? Yes and no. It’s more a direct result of the fact that anytime I put some benny franks on Aaron Rogers my wallet gets thinner. This is also more about wagering in general.

I’ve been on the wrong side of many bets in my day. I’ve lost on blocked field goals returned for touchdowns, missed extra points, countless NHL shootouts. I’ve lost on soccer own goals and half court shots. As is the case with most of you degenerates I’m sure. However, I have lost a TON of my large wagers on Aaron fucking Rodgers.

People are out there calling Aaron Rodgers the best football player in the world. Sure the guy is impressive and one of the best quarterbacks to do it. Yeah his ATS is pretty good. But you know what Aaron. Fuck you man. Any time he’s got a personal issue it’s when I’ve bet on his side. Jordan’s out there winning Bachelorette titles and you can’t win me a few wagers?? I’ve put my dollar on you one too many times. But thats just a microcosm to what I’m really getting at here.

I met a bookie in a bar one night and he asked me who Derek Carr was. ??? You’re a bookie for a living dude don’t you follow sports? He proceeded to show me multiple accounts of guys down $18k. Told me not to gamble and that he hasn’t followed sports in 3 years. But who listens to good advice? Me for sure not. Gambling is essentially a coin flip with odds that dictate whether you pick heads or tails. Pro gamblers win 53% on the low end, and on the high end 60%… and they do it for a living. But that shouldn’t stop any of us.

Stay flipping my friends. Here’s Johnny L’s play of the day:

1/28 – 8:30pm LA Clippers @ GS Warriors

Golden State Warriors -11.5