imgres.pngHuge stuff going on in college basketball, huuuuuuuge. For starters, in these first 12 weeks of the college basketball season, there have been five different number one’s to lead the AP Top 25.  With Nova sitting comfortably for six of the last seven weeks, I am just about ready to lose it. Coach Jay Wright, as always, is doing one hell of a job.  Deservingly so, I believe they are the best team in the country.  I don’t want to hear the whole “no shit that’s why they’re ranked number 1” because usually this is not the case.  And if you have been following or remember how things have gone in these past years – NO ONE can predict what will happen come March. Which is why as a Duke fan, I am in no way content but have to be happy that I haven’t had to make any appointments with my cardiologist.

In no way is this weekend a negative one for sports.  As the birthday boy mentioned, STAY away from All-Star TV. It is an absolute must that you tune in this Saturday at 6:15 when the ‘angry’ Jayhawks look to go into Lexington, KY and battle the angry Wildcats.  Why are they both angry?  Kentucky is angry because they just lost to Tennessee who hasn’t played a primetime game since the last time they played Kentucky LOL. Kansas is angry because they literally CANNOT beat West Virginia unless they are home.  With both teams coming off of a loss, the game being at Rupp arena, I am taking……… the Jayhawks.  Some would say it’s asinine going against Kentucky when they are playing with their home crowd and that’s because they’re right.  I am most looking forward to this matchup between both team’s backcourts.  Frank the tank Mason III and Josh Jackson will battle De’arron Fox and Malik Monk.  Three of those four names mentioned will be top 10 picks in this upcoming NBA draft – stay tuned.


ACC: The ACC currently holds six of the 25 spots in the latest AP poll.  Before you think I am about to rant about how good the ACC is, @Will, (best buddy of mine) refrain yourself because I am not- sorta.  The ACC is definitely the best conference in college basketball but as always the question remains, how will they do when it comes to the tournament. Last year the conference did outstanding with six teams present in the sweet 16 . Up until about two weeks ago, I would have argued that the ACC could possibly get nine maybe even ten teams to the big dance- I don’t think that is the case anymore. Florida St, who was off to a roaring start of 17-1, has dropped 2 of their last 3.   Their most recent loss was to Georgia Tech imgres.jpg and the halftime score of 41-14. How do you score just 14 points in one whole half of basketball and consider yourself a top 5 team? Basically what I am trying to say is don’t be fooled by rankings.  Nothing gets me more mad than when people say “how did they lose that game, that team isn’t even ranked.”  Cause then I just sit there with my Russ face.

West Coast-Best Coast? My ass.  Not buying Gonzaga.  Show me Gonzaga go deep in March and I will show you support for the west coast.  Every year we get so hyped about them because three quarters thru the regular season they’re 20-2.  I don’t give a shit- record shmecord.  Stop beating teams in your conference like Portland and Pacific by just 12 points and bury them.  Zags have made the tournament every year in the 2000 era but have only been to the elite 8 once.  I do like Oregon’s size and I am definitely sold on Arizona.  More sold on Coach Sean Miller being completely drenched in sweat than Arizona making a deep run but still- I think they’re the most legit from the west coast.

Big 12: Kansas is obviously so well coached with senior experience at PG.  Having a senior PG really elevates a team in so many ways, especially when he happens to be the best one in the nation – not everyone is fortunate enough to have a freshman icer like Tyus Jones. Baylor is an all around team but doesn’t shoot it all that well.  Huggins and the boys imgres-1.jpgare going to play in your face for all 40 minutes and thats why they scare me- not too many offensive threats as usual but the defense and athleticism is cray.




Big East: Already said how I think Nova is great and the reason is because they flat out have the most complete team.  Key word in that sentence being most.  Top to bottom, they defend, run, execute and are confident.  LOVE MARQUETTE – LETS GO WOJO.  What a week for Marquette.  First, Marquette knocks off #7 Creighton and then #1 Nova. Big on Butler as well and I expect them to hand GT a beatdown this weekend.

Great games to watch this weekend:

Louisville – NC State @ 3:15pm  , Kansas – Kentucky @ 6:15pm ,  Nova – UVA @ 1:00pm , Butler – GT @ 8:00pm