Image result for duke basketballHave things hit rock bottom in Durham? First the Grayson Allen tripping incidents, then Coach K taking a leave of absence, now they’re losing games and can’t even enter their on locker room or rep there own gear. Yes, that’s right. Coach K has banned his team from wearing all Duke basketball apparel and from entering there own locker room until they start living up to the Duke name and brand. Now this may seem minuscule to the outsider. Like “oh wow they can’t wear duke clothes, big deal”.

But yes, this is a huge deal. And I think anyone who has played sports in their life would agree with me. I mean it wasn’t until I got a real job that i started buying real people cloths. Like seriously my closet was literally littered with sweatpants,sweat shirts, t-shirts and shorts from my high school days. That’s all I wore. If it wasn’t for athletics I probably would have been walking the streets nude in college. Also, how does Coach K expect his kids to get laid if they can’t rep the Duke basketball brand. No girl wants to get with a regular student at Duke. Those girls are out there hawking that campus looking for that Duke basketball apparel so they can catch that 6’8  Power forwards baseball bat. It’s the only thing that can help those nerds take their minds off there studies. I think you have taken things too far Coach K. Not only are you going to have your players walking around campus nude, but you’re going to force these poor girls to get with future scientist rather than future lottery picks. Stop the madness Coach.