I don’t know what it is, but facing off against your sibling at the professional level, has got to be one of the better things that we get to watch in sports. Venus and Serena Williams are set to face off in the final of the Australian Open for the second time in 14 years. The two have had nothing short of impeccable careers and we have been fortunate enough to watch them go at it a total of 27 times.  Ten of those 27 meetings have been for championships in major tournaments which is pretty amazing.


Also, if you thought I was going to let a picture of Ronald Regan and the Serena sisters go by without me sharing as well as saving to desktop immediately –you’re out of your mind.

When you think about the most consistently dominant athletes over a long period of time, there are quite a few that jump out at you– MJ, Tiger, Federer, Bolt, Phelps, Mayweather, Messi, LeBron just to name a few. Over a period of time, the only athlete I could argue being more dominant than Serena Williams is Tiger Woods.  Before the injuries and his life being flipped completely upside down, Tiger was the scariest thing in sports and I’d argue that for hours.

At this moment, fan of the sport or not, Serena Williams is the best winner in sports. You can make a strong case that she’s in the top 3 greatest female athletes of all time. LeBron is great blah blah blah, but to be at the top of this list in particular, you have to consistently win.

What sucks more than losing to your brother/sister? Being a parent and having to watch your kids play each other.  The Williams parents are probably used to it by now, as this is not their first rodeo.  Some athletes though, don’t get the opportunity very often and so dinner must be super awkward weeks and maybe even months after these occur.  Here’s a deeper look at sibling competition we ALL enjoy watching/got the opportunity to watch.

imgres-1.jpg   Steph and Seth Curry (say that 5x fast)

imgres-1.jpg Peyton and Eli Manning

BIy0ij0CEAArtGC.jpg  Jordan, Eric and Jared Staal

Sports-Siblings-8.jpg Jim and John Harbaugh

imgres-3.jpg Marc and Pau Gasol

imgres-2.jpg Rob and Rex Ryan

images.jpg  Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant

Wait a minute… That wasn’t nice.