Well this is news to me. According to ESPN, and this link right here, there is an independent football league debuting in April. The league is mostly going to be a platform for young players to get reps so they can become more “NFL ready” and for small school players to try to get noticed. Players need an invitation to participate like the NFL combine. The spring league is also open to inviting players that might be banned from the NFL or considered too washed up to be a legitimate player, for popularity reasons of course. That being said, three players of note have been invited…………..

Ray Rice, Vince Young, and The Daily Dart favorite, Johnny Football have been invited to participate in the Spring Football League.

I pray to God Johnny accepts this invitation. This would become must watch television and rival Sunday night Football if Johnny starts slinging the rock for the Rhode Island Sounders. I might have to purchase SLF (Spring League Football) 2018 over Madden 2018 if this happens. Image result for johnny manziel confused I can see it now, Johnny snorts cocaine on the sideline, throws three touchdown passes, snorts more cocaine, slaps a coach, and then the Jets sign him. Like clockwork.

All of this being said, I don’t blame Johnny for his downward spiral. I blame the Cleveland Browns. What a shitty franchise that can’t have nice things. Joe Thomas is the only exception but I think he might be a borderline psycho for wanting to be there. Next guy to go is Jamie Collins. My guy just signed a four year $50 million contact with $26 million guaranteed. Because this is the Browns, I expect Jamie to be out of the league halfway through this contract. Also, this guy is a former Patriot. Fuck this guy. Sorry about the rant.

The Spring League will be watched less than any program that T.V. Land has ever produced unless they sign these three delinquents. Unfortunately, the only one that I can actually see committing is Vince Young. My guy is a bum. But lets all say a quick prayer that Johnny excepts this invitation because, if he does, The Daily Dart will rejoice.