Answer, I have no idea. I’m not a psychic, and as you can tell by my good friend Frank’s 0-4 showing on his projected parlay last night , I don’t surround myself with psychics either.

Nate Robinson is 5’9″, 180 pounds, 32 going on 33 years old, but don’t tell him that. I mean you can, if you ever bumped into him randomly, then again he’d probably bite your cheek bone off for bumping into him randomly. The guy is a pit bull.
Does Nate Robinson know that he is already on the Cavs? Kay Felder, backup PG for the Cleveland Cavaliers is currently on the Cavs, stands 5’9″ cough, weights 176 pounds cough, and led the nation in assists last year in college cough. With that being said, they need Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson is a 2 X, 1st team all PAC 10 in 2004,2005. He has played for the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and Denver Nuggets. He is the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion and exactly what the Cavs need. Let’s also not forget the dominance he displayed when he rolled the street courts with Uncle Drew and Big Wes (Kyrie Irving and Kevin love) in the Pepsi zero commercial, starring as “Lights”
Since taking some time off from basketball, the 3X NBA dunk champ misses it just a lil’ bit.  He has taken his talents to social media to grab the attention of teams “in need”.
From Cleveland and Lebron – @Jakegreenberg10, don’t get chewed up by the pitbull bro.
To Chicago and Jimmy (not wade)
Not sure if this guy has an an agent, but it’s unlikely if he’s commenting on Instagram photos for a job. I think it’s unique and love it (he won’t have to pay an agent 10-20 percent once he gets signed)
Realistically –  The Cavs don’t need anything; they have arguably two of the top 5 playmakers in the NBA right now. I get they are on a skid right now, but they’re fine relax.
Prediction – Nate Robinson won’t get signed by anyone
Prediction 2- The Cavs will sign him due to his Instagram efforts and game film ( just look at that beautiful chemistry displayed below)
This will lead to another ring against the Warriors ( sorry “Coach” )

Look at Uncle Drew turning Lights into a believer. It’s poetry in motion. And yes, people drink Pepsi Cola in front of cameras in a park all the time, read a book.