As of January 26th, 2017, at precisely 2:00pm EST, the New York Metropolitans have yet to sign a free agent to a major league deal (who was not on last years roster). In fact, the team will be without several key pieces from 2016’s team, including Jeurys Familia (suspension looming), Jerry Blevins (free agent), Kelly Johnson (free agent), and Bartolo Colon (Signed with the Atlanta Braves, why God? Why did you let this happen?). In short, the Mets look to be a worse team then the one who sneaked into the playoffs last season and lost a one game playoff.

There has been, however, one beautiful and shining ray of light that has guided Mets fans through the abyss of the 2016-2017 offseason: The Twitter shenanigans of the God of Thunder himself, Noah Syndergaard. After going punch for punch with Madison Bumgarner and pitching a gem in the NL Wild Card game, Syndergaard has traded in tossing 102 mile-per-hour heaters for tweeting them. Now let’s take a few minutes to appreciate some of Thor’s best moments on twitter dot com!

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Just a day after the Mets were eliminated from the playoffs Syndergaard summed up the feelings of every single fan in a single tweet:

After Cy Young voters failed to recognize true greatness:

Flirting with both Justin Verlander and Mr.Mets’ wives:

Not to mention a full blown (and ongoing) feud with the Mets mascot which has spanned months:

Realizing that the election and celebrity deaths were hardly the worst parts of 2016:

Whatever you want to call this:

And Finally, putting the hacks at MLB Network to shame with his Top Ten Pitchers in the MLB list:

Between his Twitter game and his dominance on the mound, I’d like to advocate for a 15-year contract extension, get on it Wilpons. If you’re not already following Syndergaard, get it together and do so, @Noahsyndergaard. With just three weeks until Spring Training, the Mets ace will be trading in his keyboard for a baseball mitt, so enjoy it while you can, because soon we’ll have to settle for 10+ strikeout games and 400-foot bombs.