Just when I thought today was going to be just like any other Thursday where I drag my sorry ass to work and sit there for 9 hours debating whether to get absolutely nuked or not that night. Thing suddenly took a turn when i walked outside for lunch and the sun was up and the rain was gone. And with that was a giant line outside of the McDonald’s next to my office. Instantly I was curiousImage result for curious gif to see what was causing all the commotion and sidewalk clutter. Is it possible they are feeding all of NYC homeless? Well no because that was quickly shot down once I saw a few of my coworkers in line. Then I thought maybe Ronald McDonald is here sitting autographs. But nope that wasn’t it either. So what was it? Well It turns out the big Golden Arches are giving away 10,000 free bottles of Big Mac Sauce. How I did not recognize this right away when everyone in line was 250 plus I do not know. Honestly, an amateur mistake on my part. But yes the sauce of all sauce is just being given away by the worlds biggest fast food chain. So jump on it while you can before all the fat people get it all for themselves. #MakeAmericaFatAgain