If you read “Daily Parlay – Free Money”  I have let you down. Lets review my parlay and how each situation turned out individually:

  • New York Knicks at Dallas Mavericks – New York Knicks +145 (upset) – LOST, Mavs Won
  • New York Knicks at Dallas Mavericks – OVER 201.5 (-110) – LOST, Total Score 198
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Sacramento Kings – Cleveland Cavaliers -12 (-110) – LOST, Not only did the Cavs not win by 13, they lost outright.
  • New York Ranger vs. Philadelphia Flyers – New York Rangers -145 (favorite) – LOST, Flyers won

That escalated quickly….. Not going to lie, I was kinda shocked about the Cavs and Rangers games. I thought the Cavs, after they haven’t been playing well and LeBron yelled at them, would crush the Kings at home and I also thought that the Rangers would win at home. Considering the fact that the Knicks suck, I knew that game was a tough call but between them finally winning a close game the game prior and the Mavs being a very bad team, I figured I rolled the dice. 

All of this being considered, I will still write these posts. My next parlay might be a bit more conservative and only bet on two outcomes rather than four but it will still be posted. Am I a good gambler? No. Am I a good writer? No. Can I read good? No. Will The Daily Dart be the best thing on the internet within the next two years? Yes. Good day.