Hi All,

What better thing to do then write about my idol McGregor. The king’s record in the octagon is 21-3. Very impressive after fighting these past couple of years against the best in the business and clapping all of them on the head. The two time world champ I believe would flatten little Floyd and I believe the fight wouldn’t go past the first round. No one can handle that left hand shot.

Let’s start talking about this bum Floyd  Mayweather. This guys record is outstanding sitting at 49-0 but, let’s be real here, Floyd picks and chooses his fights. The little man’s last fight was back in 2015 against Andre Berto…. Exactly “who the fuck is that guy”. The fight before that against Pacquiao was like watching paint dry; it was slow and boring. Both fighters were only in the ring to collect a pay check. The balls on Floyd to laugh in the face of Dana White when he offered the idea of himself and Conor receiving $25 million to fight each other in a boxing ring and on top of that not including the money they’ll receive from PPV alone.


The 39 year man (Floyd), I believe, is out of his prime and won’t be able to keep up with the young Irishman who is determined to win no matter the cost. No one realizes Conor grew up boxing in Dublin, Ireland. Floyd won’t step in the ring with Conor because he’s afraid of ruining his undefeated image. But if he does my guess would be that the fight would be done in one with Floyd’s back on the ropes and Conor clapping him with that left hand shot.

Let me know your thoughts.

Tommyboy out.