Every Cavs fan probably – “Can you believe the set of balls Phil Jackson must have to reach out to Dan Gilbert for a swap of Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony?”

Every Knicks fan probably “Yoooooo, lets gooooo!!!  Bring him in, we NEED this guy!!!!  He can change the dynamic of this team (whatever that means).  Anything to get rid of Melo. Let’s get Love to the big city!” 


Let’s start here: If LeBron had Dan Gilbert at gunpoint and gave him two choices and those two choices were to swap Melo and Love OR to get shot – I think he’d take real consideration with the gunshot.  Remember, time heals all.

On all accounts, this very well may be the stupidest thing to happen in 2017 and of course it has everything to do with Phil Jackson.  I’m talking dumber than live streaming your coach’s postgame rants to Facebook.  Below, you will find (x) amount of reasons as to why the Cavs would NEVER deal this trade.  I am going to time myself for 30 seconds and see how many I can get.  This will prove that I could probably rattle off another 47, but I’ll save it. So, here we go.

  1. Defensively, Melo is atrocious. Might as well play with 4
  2. Offensively, Melo is a ball stopper/drive killer
  3. LeBron wants a play maker. Someone who “makes plays”
  4. Melo can’t play two games in two days. TOO OLD
  5. Melo still wears a headband
  6. Melo SUCKS????
  7. K Love averaging 20 and 10 with LeBron and Kyrie — Melo averaging 22 and 6 with Rose, Porzingis, foul shot guru Noah and others

^ 41 seconds.  Very slow typer  – spent first 5 and last 4 years of my life in Catholic school so give me a break.  We didn’t use computers, but you get the point.  Bringing in Kevin Love would solve NONE of the Knicks problems.  I’m going to go as far to say the same record would be the result if he were to come to NY.  One thing that the Knicks have going for them is they only have 3.5 years and 72 million more dollars to give to Noah – so that’s great??



But seriously, at least Rose will be in a different uniform by summertime.  Also, there’s always hope for the middle of the first round?  Even though it’s still early, I am very high on this draft- love the potential.

Back to my point from 98,765 words ago – Phil is a moron.  Have some dignity, pride maybe a set of balls?  You dated someone for half a century (15 years) younger than you. Use those balls!!  Stop shying away from the media, make things happen and act like you won 11 rings as an NBA coach.  Do I agree with fellow blogger, DRUSS, that the Knicks potentially trolled the Cavs? The answer is no and here’s why.  DRUSS, is a Knick fan and unfortunately, although not intended I will now be trolling him.

Knicks fans are similar to all those times you came out of those sweet 16 parties with your boys and were like “dude that was the best one yet, best party yet” but looking back, in reality they all sucked hard.  Every deal or talks of any deal for that matter will always sound like a gold mine to Knicks fans and that’s simply because they’re garbage.  Initially, it sounds like the best sweet 16 ever, but looking back you realize the best part was finding out Stephen Glansberg from Chemistry class could tear up the rug.  Same reason as to why Frank  and the boys get half chubs when hearing that Jay Cutler or Romo could be in the backfield next year for the #JETS.  I’m not saying Frank and the boys aren’t smart because that would make me a liar. He’s just more of a hopeless romantic, thats all.  Being a fan you get blinded by horrible sweet sixteens and this is NOT our fault.