Yesterday, we were all witnesses of LeBron James taking to twitter to take a hot steamy turd all over the face of Dan Gilbert. It got the public’s LeBron boners to break out again – which everyone has whether you love him or hate him. Whatever the guy says everyone goes insane and we get to hear Colin Cowherd and Mike & Mike break it down for three hours.

LeBron tweeted twice the other day about how the Cavs basically suck right now and he needs more help in order to beat the Warriors come Finals time.



Pretty solid jab at Dan Gilbert for not mentioning him along with David Griffin in the first tweet about how great of a job they’ve done, but that has come to be expected. But what these tweets did do was put the pressure on the Cavs front office to figure out how the fuck they were going to stop Lebron from sounding off.

Insert this man.


This fucking idiot must have hopped on his Xbox One and threw in a copy of NBA2k17 and went straight to the trade navigator (on Pro setting) because reports are out that the Knicks offered Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love.

Now I’m not saying I would rather have K-Love on my team than Melo, but you gotta look at what else is around you. Melo to the Cavs would be a disaster for Cleveland. Besides the fact that they’re aren’t enough possessions in a game for Kyrie, Bron, and Melo to get their shots in – you don’t have to be a brainiac to know that Melo is dog shit on defense (which against the Warriors you typically need).

James Dolan is a simple minded moron like the rest of us. The guy saw the most influential player in the league demanding his team to make a change, so he offers one of his best friends in the deal to solve the issues in hopes Lebron kicks his lap dog Kevin Love out the door. Unfortunately for Knicks fans it didn’t work because the Cavs actually employ intelligent members of society.

But kudos James Dolan – keep stirring the pot.