If you are unaware of whom the man shown below is, shame on you.


So you can become aware, he most likely knows you, your Social Security number, and the name of your first pet; so let’s show this man some respect, and maybe change your passwords.

Why I have to explain this is beyond me, so let’s be brief. Dos Equis (a subsidiary of Heineken International) gave birth to ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ as part of their marketing campaign to expand in 2006.

Since my opinion carries so much weight globally, feel free to agree with me that this marketing campaign was the best ever. Pick any one of Geico’s commercials as a distant 2nd.

I would type out the world famous quote, but I just can’t, it will not do it justice. So enjoy this:

This post was just delayed because I binge watched all of the commercials on youtube. (I suggest you do as well)

“He could disarm you with his looks……or his hands, either way.”

“He’s a lover, not a fighter…….But he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas.”

“He can speak French, in Russian”

“He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels”

C’mon it’s pure gold,  for all ages.

I said this marketing campaign “was the best ever” because we have a problem. The problem we have is that Dos Equis sent him on a one way trip to Mars. Literally.

By the way, pause the video at 28 secs, and you will see a bear, standing on two legs, paying it’s damn respects, as it should be.

We have now been left with this pathetic Neanderthal.


Look at this thing, I feel like I can smell him through the screen, and it’s repulsive to say the least.

I have a question for you, Mr. Andrew Katz, Vice President of Marketing for Dos Equis; Why the change?

“It had more to do with really trying to evolve the campaign story line. This new interesting man is more resourceful, he’s more willing to roll up his sleeves and he is more present tense than past tense.”

I just laughed in utter disgust reading that statement

You have disrespected the real one, the great one, the goat one, and I (we) don’t like it.


I will not ramble on in aggressive anger towards Mr. Katz because you don’t want to read it and my point is simple.

He will walk among us, rather we will walk among him, once again.

It’s like he’s trying to tell us something:

You heard it here first. The real ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’, who is 77 years young, or 21 years old, will be back.

…and I can’t wait.