So Tiger tweeted this today………….


I don’t know about you, but this gets me going. As a golfer, though dreadful, I love this man. I know he has a shaky past but he was one of the most dominant athletes of all time in his prime. Golfers were literally afraid of him.

They were afraid to stand next to the guy. Between this cryptic message and him being scheduled to play in three of the next four tournaments, I’m pumped up.

All of that being said, I’m intrigued as to what this tweet means. What is he surprising us with? Could it be the fact that his body feels 100% healthy?Image result for tiger woods secret Maybe creating another golf course? Who knows? MAYBE, just maybe, he is going to surprise everyone and let us know that he plans on winning this next tournament but 100 shots. Tiger is scheduled to tee off on Thursday with Dustin Johnson. DJ has been as hot as ever but he is fucked. He probably won’t get an ounce of sleep tonight just wondering what Tiger has in store. I hope he goes back to old Tiger and tries to steal Paulina – and this is coming from a guy that likes Dustin. Do it for me, Tiger. Steal Paulina.