Ever since Ted Cruz became a leading Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, there were countless jokes, allegations, and memes made at his expense. Seeing that Cruz was his strongest competition, President Donald Trump resorted to calling him, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” on Twitter, and the nickname stuck. Pictures circulated the Internet likening Ted Cruz to the Zodiac Killer. His own daughter threw a fit on national television and refused to give him a hug for the cameras. Donnie America then revived a rumor that Ted Cruz’s father played a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All the while, there was speculation about his citizenship, as he was born in Canada. It was a tough year for Ted Cruz, but he took a nice W tonight.


After reports came out that Ted Cruz started his own basketball league for Senators, Deadspin.com wrote an article requesting readers to send in any pictures or videos that they may have of Cruz ballin’. He is said to be looking forward to building and repairing relationships with Senators that may have been strained during the election process. Even Marco Rubio is rumored to be joining in on the action. Citing his performance in the primaries, I think we all know that Ted Cruz lacks the clutch gene.

The fact that Ted Cruz has the self-awareness and sense of humor to make a joke at his own expense is hilarious. It’s not often that you see the real-life human side of a politician, so this was a cool refresher. Deadspin telling him to go eat shit was interesting, though. Maybe the alleged Zodiac Killer/son of the JFK assassin/habitual liar shouldn’t have embraced his resemblance to college basketball’s public enemy #1.

To quote our friend Donnie, what’s going on?