Many of you probably think my name derives from the Newport Cigarette company well you’re right. Their company really made an impact on me when I was just a boy, and seeing the magazine advertisements of the youngest looking 18 year olds in the world smoking cigarettes. They couldn’t look any cooler, and as a chubby 12 year old kid

on a quest to be cool, this was an image that I could never forget.

Now there is another Newport reference that only a select few heroes of this great country would think of, and that is Newport, Rhode Island. Rhode Island is actually the smallest state in our country, weighing in at a whopping total of 1,500 sq. miles. So, when I hear my friends from Rhode Island say how their Hockey team won the Catholic Schools State Championship 4 years in a row, I can only help to think to myself, “wow they beat the one other Catholic school in Rhode Island 4 years in a row, that’s sick.” Now this isn’t a geography lesson, nor a lesson on mediocre high school sports so I’ll get to the point.

Many of you probably haven’t heard of the new White House Press Secretary yet, but you might want to take a look into this guy.  His name is Sean Spicer, a Newport, Rhode Island native. The guy is an absolute wild card, and probably gets 50 lappers a week. During his first White House Presser, he seized the moment and said what all of us have been dying to say to the media, “We are going to hold the press accountable.” Personally, I think it’s about time someone in a position of power spoke up, and I hope that this is something that the new administration follows up on. I know this is a touchy subject, and that without the elimination of a double standard, will be extremely hard to do. (But this guy fucks, and we all should be fired up about it)


In a time where video of a fucking chef sprinkling salt on ribs, can go viral in hours, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that frontline reporters to start getting their facts straight. I get it, who doesn’t like watching some hippie lady scream NOOOO and start balling her eyes out the exact second Trump is sworn in. And I know that sometimes the media’s love for conflict and chaos is actually comical, but in reality, it is one of the main causes of our nation’s current state of division. Liberal media companies, like The Washington Post, may not have wanted Donald Trump to be president, but Donnie T has been their center piece for the last year. And on the other side, Conservative media outlets, like Fox News, have clearly expressed their discontent with the way that Liberal news has been spread about their presidential affiliate, but they also have made millions from increased viewership over the last 18 months. (Don’t worry, The Daily Dart makes no money on your misery) Also, please stop using Facebook for news, and refrain from referencing your hippie Literature professor from Berkley as a credible news source.

– Newport News