So here it goes, I LOVE DUKE. With that, if reading about a NY fan who has an obsession with Duke sports is going to bother you, stop reading ______   (<–there).

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I figure there is no better way for me to get rid of my blog virginity, than with some outrage of how poorly things are going down in Durham, NC.  Now, the G.O.A.T, (and yes Coach K is the best of all time. But that is a post for another time) had to take a leave of absence because of a herniated disc which had to be repaired with surgery.  In the meantime, assistant coach, Jeff Capel has taken the reigns.

Was I happy that Duke was able to bring Capel back in 2011 after having head coaching experience in Oklahoma? The answer is of course. It’s not like Capel wasn’t successful at Oklahoma.  Not only was he able to bring in 5-star recruit Blake Griffin, but also persuaded him to stay for a second year and not enter the draft.  Here’s my issue with Capel- he leads Duke with an epic conference win Saturday afternoon against Miami and the five that were responsible for this comeback win are now your starting five just two days later?  WRONG.  How do you bench one of the best scorers in not only the ACC, but the entire nation – Luke Kennard. The kid is a 6’5 lefty shooter who can get to the rim and score at will. He didn’t pass LeBron’s high school scoring record for nothing.  Now I’m not saying Duke lost to NC State because Kennard and Grayson Allen didn’t start but them being put on the sideline to start the game, is what I like to call- overcoaching. And although this processor is trying to tell me to make it into two words- I refuse.  Overcoaching is 100% a word.

Duke is playing like a bunch of kids right now and the reality is that they are a bunch of kids.  Four of the eight players that actually play, are freshman.  Defense is the biggest issue that this team faces and if they keep giving up a billion points per game, I could care less how many lottery picks are on the team BECAUSE YOU WON’T WIN IF YOU CAN’T DEFEND.

Feel free to comment on Grayson’s actions last night – if you missed it here’s the video:

Oh and by the way, before you say that I’m a biased Duke fan I will say this. What he has done in the past has been nothing short of stupidity but what he did last night was NOTHING.  So hey, dumbasses, next time you have to drive from Point A to Point B make sure you drive to Point C first because that’s the most logical? Pack of morons over at espn, especially you Seth Greenberg. Ryan Chambers putting Seth where he belongs – love that. Lets go Duke.

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