This guy. This guy right here. Bob Huggins, West Virginia University’s Men’s Basketball Coach, might have one of the coolest contracts in the NCAA. Somehow his Attorney, who should be receiving a phone call from every single coach in sports, negotiated a term in which Bob receives a 25k bonus every time his Mountaineers beat, their in-conference Image result for bob huggins moneyrivals, the Kansas Jayhawks. The best part about this is that tonight, Jan. 24th, he will be going for his fourth straight home with against Kansas. That’s 100k in the last four years (on top of his $3,325,000/yr base salary).

WVU has lost two straight by a total of six points so I’m sure they’re going to do

anything in their power to not lose three straight. Also, Kansas has Kentucky in a few days so maybe, just maybe, they are looking ahead. Expect Bob’s boys to come out and play hard tonight.

All of this considered, why can’t the New York Jets put this in all of our coach’s and player’s contracts? The whole team should receive a 50k bonus every time they beat the Pats. Maybe they won’t suck so much and just layover every time they play Brady and the boys. As made evident by this past season, they obviously don’t play for pride, their coaches, their fans, their honor, their normal contracts, their teammates, their city, their owner, their predecessors, their kids, their next contract, their parents or have any heart whatsoever (this list could’ve gone for at least another five minutes) so there might as whale be a monetary incentive. I hate that I’m suggesting that we stoop this low but I also hate rooting for the Jets so I honestly don’t care.