Not that any of you care if my ‘gears get grinded’, but in the rare case that you do, here it is.

I’m not buying anything that this ding-bat Bill Belichick says. When asked about his thoughts on his players / himself using social media, he responded as follows:

“Well, as you know, I’m not on SnapFace and all that, so I don’t really get those. I’m really just worried about getting our team ready to go. I’m not too worried about what they put on InstantChat.”

You know the real names, please stop. You aren’t 98 years old, Bill. If you were, and if you had grandchildren, you would have no choice but to comprehend the names of all social media platforms. If you did not have grandchildren, you would hear those annoying kids your neighbors had yammering on about it. If you could not hear those kids, because you were so old, you would see on TV or in the Newspaper that you still read (because you’re old) about these platforms.

And if you could not hear or see, than you would not be calling it ‘Instachat’ or ‘Snapgram’ becasue you probably wouldn’t be able to speak. But I digress.

After the Patriots’ recent AFC Championship game (the 2nd game of the day), Gramps was at it again. He claimed he had no idea the Falcons won until a reporter, in the post game press conference, asked him what he thinks about going up against the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

“No, I mean I didn’t even know they won. We didn’t see the first game. Obviously they’re a great team or they wouldn’t be playing in this game. They’ve had a great year.”

I get it, your argument, “Winners focus on winning, loser focus on winners.”


However, you’re telling me Michael Phelps didn’t know this bum Chad Guy Bertrand le Clos, who has more silver medals in the Olympics than Gold (which means he can’t close), was in the race? The photo below begs to differ.


Now I’m talking about the Merman and Belichick in the same place and it’s grinding my gears even more.

All I’m saying is that he had to know the Falcons won. Instachatface had to send someone in Gillete Stadium a notification, somewhere near Bill at anytime before or after this game. In which this dialogue then took place:

Anyone – “Falcons won.”

Bill – “k.”

Even if I was a Pats fan, I would hate this aspect of him. You’re not Greg Popovich; that guy rocks.

He does it to bother people who are writing blogs clearly. I’m not buying it. He stinks, and it bothers me. Did I mention he bothers me? Thumbs down Bill.

– Nags