Blue-Eyes Wight Dragon

This episode of Game of Thrones was so crazy that it made crazy episodes of Game of Thrones seem not crazy. I’m still at a loss for words but I’m a man of the people and will try my best.


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How about the episode starting off with this visual of fire beyond The Wall. That’s what they call foreshadowing, folks.

Beyond The Wall

The Suicide Squad of the 7 noteworthy men and 3 or so other men dragging a sled are walking beyond the wall with the mission of capturing a Wight. “I can breathe again. Down South the air smells like pig shit” Tormund tells Jon and Gendry, to which Jon replies that he’s only been to Winterfell. They argue over what’s North and what’s South while Gendry freezes his balls off. After Gendry asks Jon and Tormund how they stayed warm all their lives, Tormund tells Gendry that fucking is the best way to stay warm and that they’ve got to make due with what they’ve got when the only women are hundreds of miles away. Gendry immediately joins the less weird people in the back of the line. Tormund then asks Jon about Daenerys and Jon tells him that she’ll only help if he bends the knee. Tormund brings up Mance Rayder and wonders aloud, “how many of his people died for his pride?”

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Suicide Squad

Listen I’m on vacation so I’m gonna keep this short and simple. The last thing I’d want to do is let you all down. This week’s episode, “Eastwatch” was all filler no killer, so I can only imagine how disappointed Sum 41 is. The next two episodes are 71 and 81 minutes long, so I’ll let them slide with this shorter and somewhat uneventful episode trusting that the final episodes will bring the HEAT. Lets get into what happened this week:

Jaime and Bronn

Last week’s episode ended with Bronn tackling Jaime into the deepest river of all time, with Jaime sinking into the abyss as the screen faded to black. After a week of speculation, Game of Thrones quickly answers our burning question of whether or not the duo survived with Jaime and Bronn resurfacing well downstream away from the battlefield.

“You could’ve killed me.” Jaime tells a befuddled Bronn. Bronn shits on Jaime for attacking Daenerys while she was standing next to a dragon and tells him that nobody is allowed to kill him until he gets what he is owed (a castle, a lady, and some land). “That was only one of them. She has two more.” a shook Jaime says.

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Hoooooly fucking shit. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll begin at the beginning. Everybody knows the rules.

Jaime and Bronn

The episode begins with Jaime getting a lump sum of gold out of a wagon and handing it to Bronn. Bronn is dissatisfied with gold and brings up Jaime’s promise from Season 5 that he would give him a castle, land, and a wife, beckoning towards the recently captured Highgarden.


Jaime tells him that Highgarden would be too much to handle, and Bronn is visibly fed up with continuing to put his life on the line for what is seeming to sound like an empty promise. But “we pay our debts” Jaime says.

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The Queen’s Justice

I believe I started last week’s review by simply saying wow. And goddammit I’ll start it that way again. Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones came and went, and it brought the HEAT this week. Lets hop right into it.


This episode started hot out of the gates with Jon and Davos landing on Dragonstone, met by Tyrion, Missandei, and a small army of Dothraki. Tyrion and Jon threw a couple friendly verbal jabs at one another and then shook hands. Once everybody important exchanged pleasantries, Missandei requested that Jon and his men all hand over their weapons, which they reluctantly did.

As everybody began the 10 hour journey up the completely unnecessary number of steps at Dragonstone, Davos and Missandei had a conversation. It went a little something like this:

Davos: Hey, trusted advisor of Queen Daenerys, I’m the trusted advisor of King Jon Snow. I could’t identify your accent, may I ask where you are from?

Missandei: Naath.

Davos: Ah, I hear it’s beautiful down there. Palm trees and butterflies. Haven’t been there myself.

Missandei: I have a boyfriend.

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Once the Brunt of a Joke on Twitter, Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner are Now Making the Mets Eat Crow

Back when Twitter was just a wee young lad, the Mets had a Q & A with Daniel Murphy at the helm.


At the time of the Mets Q & A session, Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner were two relatively unknown players in the MLB coming off of their 4th season in the majors. Murphy had solidified himself as an average everyday 2nd baseman while Turner bounced all over the infield looking for his home. With all the time Justin Turner was spending on the bench, he put himself in charge of the celebrations for walk-off hits and other big plays. His tactic? Pies in the face:



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