New York Mets State of the Union: Even Mr. Met is Flipping Out

It’s been about three weeks since the rally dildo and Matt Harvey had a competition to see who was a bigger dick and things had been quiet…..too quiet ever since. Enter: Mr. Met. After enduring a rough 7-1 loss Wednesday night vs. the Brewers, Mr. Met exited the stadium giving some fans a¬†classic New York good morning which will now be forever enshrined in the internet streets:

Now, listen. There are a lot of things to dive into here. First of all, Mr. Met has only four fingers. So, in theory, Mr. Met has two middle fingers and should be cleared of all charges. If Mr. Met really wanted to have the last laugh with the fans, he should’ve given the peace sign, as it would serve as a double middle finger. Just some food for thought.


Mr. Met won’t get away with this because of the corresponding bras d’honneur. However, that’s what makes me love this move. It 10000% confirms that there’s a super Italian New Yorker underneath that head that’s sick of dealing with other Italian New Yorkers in the stands yelling at Mr. Met as if he has anything to do with the on field production. The bras d’honneur is a criminally underused way of saying “fuck you” and you’re wrong if you don’t think I’m going to incorporate the move into my everyday repertoire.



Another thing to consider is that this video conveniently captures Mr. Met turning around and flipping off the camera in a small 3-second window. Almost as if there was something preceding the action in question that caused it. The Wednesday night post blowout loss at Citi Field crowd certainly isn’t the same as the¬†Sunday morning crowd at the chapel. As we see in viral videos and even football games, it’s often the second guy that gets caught in the act. ¬†Unfortunately for Mr. Met, the man behind the mask lived out his final day.

^ I for one think that the Mets should tweet out that apology after every loss. I’m not even sure if the employee in question is Mr. Met and not Jacob deGrom after he laid an egg on Wednesday. The Mets should tweet that out after every time Ray Ramirez lays his evil hands on any player. They should tweet that out every time Terry Collins overthinks and overuses his bullpen as it blows up in his face. They should tweet that after every time they send a hitter with a sub .200 average to the plate.¬†They should tweet that after their starting shortstop drops a popup to give up the lead. They should just start off every day tweeting their apologies to show that they care.

About that shortstop thing….didn’t know the Mets got Luis Castillo back:

That error revamped the discussion of¬†when, not if Amed Rosario will be called up to the big leagues. Rosario is currently on a 17-game hitting streak in AAA and is hitting .357 on the year. He’s got 5 HRs, 38 RBIs, and 11 SBs. He’s the real deal and could become one of, if not the best SS in this window of talent. What’s holding him back is something called the ‘Super 2 deadline.’ I’ll spare the boring details but basically it’s a business decision that the Mets are making the delay arbitration with Rosario for an extra year, aka the Mets save millions of dollars headed into the 2020 season. The date varies by team and isn’t etched in stone, but the word on the street is that the date that he magically becomes available is no more than 10 days ago. Godspeed. One disclaimer with Rosario: his fielding isn’t his strong suit. He’s a career .952 fielder and has already committed 9 errors this season. Sure, he may not have dropped the ball that Cabrera dropped on Tuesday, but he’s not a sure thing out there, either. Granted, his speed and athleticism allow him to reach balls that would otherwise go into the outfield, which in turn increases the likelihood of committing an error. Amed Rosario is what Jose Reyes wishes he could be. I’m not overselling him I swear.

Once Rosario is a full-time Met, the dominoes will start to fall. Jose Reyes and his .197 average will find a spot on the bench as the platoon player that he was signed to be. People forget that he signed for the veteran’s minimum to show he still has gas in the tank. It looks like he’s running on fumes. Rosario’s emergence would allow Asdrubal to play 3rd, where he can rely on his hands and less on his recessing athleticism to make defensive plays.

The Good:

Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce are currently 9th and 10th in the NL All-Star outfielders race. Cespedes of course is still injured but there’s a decent chance that he’ll be the lone Mets representative at the midsummer classic. Jay Bruce on the other hand is a much more worthy candidate and realistically should be around 7th place on this list. Cubs fans are ballot stuffing¬†like a bunch of motherfuckers as Kyle Schwarber’s .174 average belongs nowhere on this list, let alone 5th.


This Cubs nonsense reminds me of 2015 when Royals fans scared everybody by having Omar Infante in the lead way too late in the voting process.


Tyler Pill was in line for the win on his first career start on Tuesday after going 5 1/3, tallying 4 Ks, and giving up only 1 run. He prides himself on stranding runners on the bases which basically makes him a living breathing blood pressure accelerator. With the disaster that is the Tommy Milone experiment, a solid start from Pill was a breath of fresh air.

The Great:

Michael Conforto is in fact good. He’s batting .316 and has an OBP at least 70 points higher than everybody in the lineup not named Lucas Duda. He’s been acting as both the table setter and the table cleaner, and he’s been dynamite in the field.

^ That’s baseball, Suzyn.

Reinforcements are coming. Steven Matz threw 5 perfect innings in AAA. The belief is that he’ll start once more in AAA¬†and then he’ll be back where he belongs. Seth Lugo’s rehab starts haven’t gone as well, but he’s on about the same schedule¬†as Matz. Hopefully they can have an immediate impact and some of the bums in the bullpen will be sent far far away.

Neil Walker’s bat woke up when he played his former team in Pittsburgh, and he recorded his 1,000th career hit on Tuesday. His average is up to .264, and he already has 4 more doubles than he had all of last year.

Bryce Harper, not good at fighting:

Is there anything more American than watching Bryce Harper get pummeled on a casual Memorial Day afternoon? I think not.

The Bad:

Bases loaded, no outs, down one run against the worst team in all of baseball and their new closer, can you guess what happened next?

Granderson had an awful at-bat in which I was getting physically ill. He’s picked up the pace at the plate a little bit, as he’s finally up over the Mendoza line at .201. I’m not going to applaud him until he learns how to hit the breaking ball that crosses the plate from a lefty and when he learns to lay off the sinking inside pitch from a righty.¬†If I didn’t know that he used to hit 40+ bombs a year I’d call you crazy. Granderson has to make contact in that situation. Two players that are on the team for their glove were up next in Rene Rivera and Juan Lagares. Situational baseball, Curtis has to know what the deal is.

Yoenis Cespedes suffered a setback rehabbing in single-A and isn’t expected to be back on the team for another week or so. In a perfect world, he’ll return by June 6th when he can DH against the Rangers, but who knows at this point.

The Ugly:

The Mets have acquired two pitchers this year in Tommy Milone and Neil Ramirez. They’ve both been so terrible that I’d prefer Kevin Plawecki go out there and throw knuckleballs again. Milone has an ERA of 10.50 in 3 starts and found himself on the DL. Ramirez is clocking in with a 6.23 ERA and has walked 7 batters in 4 1/3 innings.

It is now June 1st and the Mets are 9.5 games behind the Nationals in the NL East. It’s June 1st and the Mets are dangerously close to playing for the Wild Card. Luckily for the Mets, they are only 8 games behind the Diamondbacks for the 2nd Wild Card spot. It’s going to be a steep climb up to the top.

Tim Tebow:

Tebow was just in a huge 0-13 slump but busted out of it with this RBI double. He’s hitting .215 on the year with 3 homers.¬†His bold strategy of only hitting the ball the opposite way may need to be adjusted if he has aspirations of moving up in the organization.


Well, that’s all for this version of the NYMSOTU. Stay tuned as the Mets try their hardest to disprove the theory that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Zack Wheeler will take the mound on Thursday afternoon as the Mets will try to take 3 out of the 4 games against the Brewers. The Brewers will send out Chase Anderson, a pitcher that Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares, and Michael Conforto all have had success off of during their careers. After that, the Pirates come into town as Neil Walker will look forward to continuing his revenge tour against his former team. Until next time, just remember that every thug needs a lady.


Google Trends Released America’s Most Misspelled Words – Here’s a State by State Analysis

As we all know, Google is a massive Internet company that probably has everything that we’ve ever searched in some secret folder waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.¬†But that’s not the story here. Google Trends is apparently a thing that exists and they released a map of the most misspelled words in America by state. Some were shocking, some reaffirmed stereotypes, and others just made no sense at all. Lets take a closer look at some of the most misspelled words in America.

Northeast Region:


Connecticut & West Virginia: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 

As the resident Connecticut writer for The Dart, you can picture my displeasure that 1. CT shared a word with West Virginia of all states, and 2. that we’re stuck in Nineteen Sixty Fucking Four:


Pennsylvania: Sauerkraut

It should be a crime punishable by death if you live in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Primanti Brothers, and don’t know how to spell one of their main ingredients.


Vermont: Europe

It appears that last year’s election results drove a rapid increase of Vermonters looking up the price of living in Europe (VT has been a blue state since the 1992 election).

New Hampshire: Diarrhea 

Remind me not to eat in New Hampshire. Ironic that NH’s state motto is “Live Free or Die” because I may choose the latter if I was faced with chronic diarrhea. My man Walter White was so sick of the diarrhea that came with living in New Hampshire that he willingly left his humble abode to return to New Mexico where he was a wanted man by federal agencies, drug cartels, and white supremacists.


Delaware: Hallelujah

No sales tax in Delaware would certainly make me say Hallelujah. You’ll say the same after surviving a night at The Starboard, as well.



Southeast Region:


Florida: Receipt

This one actually makes a lot of sense considering Florida’s history of star QBs walking out of grocery stores without paying for crab legs.


Mississippi: Hughfreezeprison

Ole Miss football coach is still under investigation for various recruiting violations and my only guess is that Mississippi State fans are searching ‘hughfreezeprison’ as wishful thinking. I’m kind of shocked that ‘Mississippi’ wasn’t the top word.

Arkansas & South Carolina: Chihuahua 

Did the South revive Taco Bell’s late 90’s commercials with the chihuahuas? We may soon find out.


Louisiana: Giraffe

While the nation was captivated by April the giraffe’s pregnancy in Zoo York this year, Sara the giraffe flew under the radar by giving birth to Nala in Folsom, Louisiana. The race to see which giraffe would give birth first drew wild Google numbers out of Louisiana.


Kentucky: Beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence is from Louisville. Next.



West Region:


New Mexico: Banana

That shit is bananas. Bananaland, if you will. New Mexico is acting like Gwen Stefani didn’t give us all a lifelong spelling lesson in 2004:

Nevada: Available

It’s almost like a bunch of drunk people are looking for things/people that are available and need Google to put the pieces together for them.

Alaska: Schedule

If there wasn’t daylight for months at a time I’d start looking for a schedule and structure in my life as well.


Hawaii: People

Hawaiians are indigenous and can probably spell ‘indigenous’ before they can spell ‘people’ because they hate mainlanders. And damn it I respect it.




Wisconsin: Wisconsin

T-Pain said that he wanted to put his girl in a mansion somewhere in Wiscansin back in 2008 and WI hasn’t been the same since.



There you have it. I hoped you learned something new today. If not, at least you’re about a half hour closer to the weekend. I’ll #StickToSports next time.


Yeah, you didn’t fool anyoImage result for kristaps porzingisne. ¬†And if you did, it was the stupidly-optimistic Knick fan (72% of overall fanbase)¬†that believed you. Everyone on the outside, knows you’re a fraud.

How could you possibly believe that in the wee hours of a Saturday¬†night in May (when you’re team has been eliminated from playoff contention basically since Christmas) the sob story of “my phone was hacked and Twitter is “looking into the incident.” ¬†

Image result for child please andre gif<< What Andre said.

My dude was out at drinking and talking about his future and came to the conclusion that he was going to tweet about how he low key enjoyed the fact that when he skipped out on his exit meetings, teams were ringing the Knicks left and right form him. 

First off, Twitter doesn’t give a rats ass about you. ¬†If you believe for a second that Twitter is “looking into the incident” than you’re part of the 72% moronic Knick fanbase. I will say this though ‚Äď IF, I was working in the front office for the Knicks, I would pay for Twitter to “look into” this. ¬†So many positives come out of this: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 1. You find out if Porzingis has any real intention on staying in New York. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 2. With the draft just over one month away, you have now FULLY ENTERED franchise re-boot. ¬†(I’m talking trading Zing in the draft, acquiring picks etc.) ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†3. I would find out for the pure fact that this was an embarrassing attempt at lying to the public.

^ I hate 2 things in this world and those two things both begin with the letter L. I hate losing Image result for pinocchio gifand I hate lying.  Porzingis is making the Knicks more of a losing franchise than they already are as well as fraudulent, lying players. The worst part about this is that he continued the lie. Yes, I am making the CONNECTION.


On Sunday morning following what Porzingis refers to as the incident, he tweeted this. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.19.18 AM.pngAlright, so he took a screenshot of his most recent emojii’s??? FRAUD. ¬†If he was as innocent as he’s been preaching, he would have had to send out this “I’m guilty” B.S¬†
This has FRAUD, written all over it and once again it is not a good time to be a Knick fan (and it’s May).¬†

New York Mets State of the Union: There Was a Dildo in the Locker Room But it Wasn’t the Biggest Cock on the Mets This Weekend

Now that title is a mouthful. First and foremost, I think that we have to address the big black elephant in the room that is the #RallyDildo.


As is Mets tradition this season, whenever the Mets win a game, the player that performed the best receives a¬†crown. They are one of many teams to have some sort of post-game award and they’ve done something of the sort for years.


Mets writers and the Mets social media managers have followed the chronicles of the crown this year and the Mets official Twitter account sent out the above seemingly innocent picture of TJ Rivera in all his glory after the Mets huge comeback win on Saturday over Miami. However, some hawk-eyed fans found something rather alarming in Kevin Plawecki’s locker in the background:


That is correct, a large dildo found itself in Kevin Plawecki’s locker and the Mets tweeted it out. Plawecki claimed that the dildo was not his and that somebody on the team must have placed it in his locker as a joke. Nevertheless, Mets fans have now rallied behind the #RallyDildo because why not.

Two years ago the Mets rallied behind a raccoon in their weight room and a parakeet. Perhaps this dildo is the one thing the Mets really needed to get the ball rolling again.



Speaking of cocks, Matt Harvey was scratched from his start on Sunday and it was announced that he was suspended for 3 games without pay for violating team rules. With the amount of injuries the Mets are going through, this must have literally been strike 17 for the Mets to make this move. I know what you’re thinking; this is probably an internal punishment for the dildo incident. Well I’m here to shoot that down:

Matt Harvey’s story is that he golfed on Saturday, ended up with a migraine, and told the Mets that he couldn’t come in to the clubhouse. There was miscommunication somewhere, and Harvey showed up late, only to be told to return back home and that the team was suspending him for 3 days. Rumors are flying that Harvey was actually in Ottawa watching the Rangers play, that he went on some kind of bender after seeing Adriana Lima cozying up with other people at the Met Gala (ironic) and he was hungover, and/or he showed up still drunk on Saturday from the night before. We may never know.

Here’s what I do know; Matt Harvey is no longer ‘the Dark Knight.’ I said it a year ago and I’ll say it again, he is a shell of his former self and it would benefit both the Mets and himself if they part ways. The Matt Harvey that pitches with a half tin in his mouth, has blood pouring out of his nose, and gets visibly pissed after allowing a baserunner is dead and gone.

I still think that Harvey can be a valuable asset for a team, but he needs a clean slate. A new team with new perspectives can tweak his mechanics or strategies and perhaps a sub 3.00 ERA Matt Harvey may return. He just needs to get back in real playing shape and stop having¬†filet mignon and a bottle of red wine every night. If you look at a picture of Harvey now vs. his rookie year in 2012, you can see that he’s added a couple chins and honestly always looks like he woke up in a fluster and was unable to shave before arriving at the stadium.

Whatever happened with Matt Harvey, it came at the absolute worst time. He could’ve set the precedent for this team laden with injuries that the Mets are not backing down but instead was an asshole and forced poor Adam Wilk to step in and get shelled by the Marlins on Sunday afternoon.

The Good:

The Mets went 4-2 this week and have won 3 consecutive series against division rivals. With players dropping like flies, the Mets are managing to find different ways to win games and remain in contention.

Future MVP Amed Rosario is hitting .377 in AAA and may find himself in the MLB much sooner than later. Asdrubal Cabrera may end up on the DL, and with Jose Reyes’ fielding troubles, Amed Rosario is the logical option to call up. Here he is driving in the game winning run with a double on Tuesday:

TJ Rivera has played 3 infield positions and has only committed one error so far this season. He’s found himself in an increased role with the abundance of injuries to the team and is even hitting in the 2 hole. The picture with the #RallyDildo wasn’t the only big dong for TJ this week:

The Great:

What else is there to say about Michael Conforto? He’s a bonafide stud. In his first at-bat after my “everybody is dead” rant, he blasted a Julio Teheran pitch to dead center.

It would be a disservice to the National League if Conforto doesn’t find himself on the All-Star squad.

Speaking of Mets All-Stars:

Jay Bruce hit his 10th homer in a game against the Braves that has since been delayed, postponed, and scheduled to start over. So, in theory, it never happened. It sucks, but that’s baseball, Suzyn. Bruce hit 3 2Bs, 2 HRs, and 9 RBIs this week, and his AVG and OBP are well above his career numbers. He and Conforto have been the two consistent bats on this team.

Jerry Blevins is on pace to appear in 95 games, and he has been lights out so far this season. He has only given up one run all season, and is 2-0 with a 0.82 ERA. He is a wildly underrated arm out of the bullpen and him coming in nearly every game means that the “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” chants are never too far away.

The Bad:

Grim Reaper trainer Ray Ramirez claimed Asdrubal Cabrera as his latest victim. Cabrera dove in the hole after a ground ball and ended up hurting his thumb. The Mets are still weighing their options, but a DL stint does seem like the next step. His injury came at the worst time, as he has a 5-game hitting streak and had just raised his average to .260. I doubt that the field conditions played a part in Cabrera’s injury, but they did delay the game and put the tarp on the field immediately after he walked off in pain.

Giancarlo Stanton continues to terrorize the Mets. He hit two rockets on Sunday that may have burnt holes through Citi Field. With those homers, he is tied for 8th most home runs hit at Citi, which of¬†course includes all Mets. I’m convinced that if he faced the Mets 162 games a year he’d absolutely obliterate Barry Bonds’ single season record for dingers.


Noah Syndergaard was placed on the 60 day DL Sunday. People in the know are estimating that we won’t see him again until after the All Star Break.

The Ugly:

Just watch this:


In other news, the Mets signed LHP Tommy Milone to be an immediate starter. Milone had a solid stretch from 2011-2014 as a National and Athletic, but has since been ineffective and sent to the bullpen a handful of times. With Steven Matz still working on returning, the Mets desperately needed a left-handed starter to mix things up in their rotation. Hopefully Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen identified things with Milone that they could work on together to make him find his form from a few years ago. With a career 4.21 ERA, I don’t expect much, but hopefully he can be a veteran arm that can eat up some innings and keep the Mets in every game that he starts.

The Mets finally play a team outside of their division in the San Francisco Giants on Monday Night Baseball on ESPN. Jacob deGrom will take the hill against LHP Matt Moore, which means that Wilmer Flores will most likely start at a corner infield spot and hit a homer. With the Giants comes Hunter Pence, which means that we should get our fair share of funny signs to get us through the tough times.


Rally dildos and Hunter Pence signs, this is all we have to look forward to so far this season. Stay strong out there.

New York Mets State of the Union: Everybody is Dead

When this team finally kills me, I want Ray Ramirez and the rest of the Mets training staff to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time. It blows my mind how the Mets have stupid and avoidable injuries year after year, while the training staff remains the same. I’ve said it before, but Googling “Ray Ramirez Mets” is like watching the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones; *Spoiler Alert: everybody you love¬†dies.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 5.36.39 PM.png

Now you can chalk up some of these injuries to dumb luck, like Duaner Sanchez suffering a season-ending injury in a taxi in 2006. However, any¬†fan base that is on a first name basis with their team’s head trainer probbbbbably has seen him crush their hopes and dreams one too many times. I don’t even know what any other trainers in the MLB look like, but I check under my bed and in my closet for Ray Ramirez before I go to bed every night.

Ray Ramirez and the rest of the Mets staff aren’t unlucky, they are INCOMPETENT. Here is a video of Yoenis Cespedes in batting practice after missing a handful of games with a sore quad.

Everybody is looking at where Yo hit it instead of focusing on their star hitter hunched over in pain. Naturally, Cespedes played that day and ended up straining his hamstring legging out a double. It took the air out of the team. It reminded me of when Jose Reyes popped his hamstring between 2nd and 3rd. Throughout all the adversity that the Mets faced the past year and a half, Cespedes was an anchor in the lineup that never missed a prolonged amount of time. Although the Mets training staff are downplaying the injury and are saying he should be back in action relatively soon, we should all know that that means absolutely nothing.

Next up, Noah Syndergaard. On the same day that Cespedes went down, Syndergaard was scratched from his Thursday start against the Braves with bicep discomfort. Turns out he couldn’t even lift his arm above his shoulder. That caused Terry Collins to call up Matt Harvey at 10 AM to tell him that he was going to be thrown into the fire in just a couple hours. Harvey came in and couldn’t find his groove, citing that he had a tough workout the day before and wasn’t prepared to take the mound on such short notice. That, of course, is on Terry Collins and not the training staff. Terry has to at least let Harvey know that he might be needed.

After Noah’s scratch, he straight up refused to get an MRI on his arm. That was a red flag to me. To me, that meant that Noah knew something was wrong but thought that he could pitch through it, like his bone spur last year.

The Mets started Noah on Sunday in an attempt to sweep the Nationals and you could tell that something was up in the 1st inning. He was throwing hard, but his pitches had no bite, the Nats were smacking him around, and he even walked his first batter all season. After 1 1/3 innings, Noah immediately started walking towards the dugout, and sure enough, he was diagnosed with a partial tear in his right lat. I’m no doctor, but that injury is one hundred thousand million percent because of his bicep issue. Especially with pitching, once one part of the body¬†breaks down, the rest of body follows. Pitching is so mechanical that a slight alteration in your motion throws everything else off and your body is suddenly using different parts for different things. Instead of simply getting an MRI and potentially missing only a handful of starts, Noah is now facing 6-8 weeks dealing with a greater issue. Steven Matz had this injury last year and missed 8 weeks. Clayton Kershaw had this injury a couple of years ago and only missed 6. Either way, this is a big blow for a team that had huge playoff aspirations. Join the list, Noah.



The Good:

Jose Reyes is heating up. Over his past 5 games, Reyes is 8-19 with 1 2B, 1 3B, 2 HRs, and 2 SBs, raising his average from .104 to .174. The Mets NEEEED him to continue hitting and getting on base so that he can bat at the top of the lineup again to set the table for Jay Bruce and company. One concern with Reyes is that he tends to get homer happy after he hits a couple, and starts hitting fly balls instead of hard grounders and line drives.

Despite all the adversity that the Mets are facing, they took 2-3 games in Washington this weekend. They still trail the Nats by 6.5 games, but they avoided falling behind 8.5 before May. They need to stay close if they want to make any kind of run once/if everybody gets healthy.

The Great:

Travis d’Arnaud leads all catchers in the MLB with 16 RBIs. And he’s doing that while batting 7th and 8th behind Curtis Granderson and Neil Walker, who are both batting under .200. It would be even greater if Travis d’Arnaud found himself batting 5th or 6th in this lineup.

Michael Everyday Conforto is keeping me sane. He’s been phenomenal batting leadoff, and he hit 2 more HRs against Washington on Saturday, bringing his total to 4 in 6 games against them.

The Bad:

For the 4th week in a row, a Mets opponent has won NL Player of the Week.

Jose Reyes is tied for the league lead in errors. He booted a grounder at SS on Sunday, too. The left side of the infield usually commits to most errors due to the abundance of chances and how hard balls are hit there, but that’s a stat that you don’t want your player to be leading. For a team with offensive troubles, fielding is an even bigger priority than usual, so Reyes’ struggles there are not helpful. Amed Rosario is patiently waiting down in AAA.

Braves Pitcher Julio Teheran OWNS the Mets. He got the W on the 26th against the Mets and is slated to pitch again on Monday night.

Also on Monday night, Braves CF Ender Inciarte will be receiving his Gold Glove Award. Fitting that he’s receiving it against the Mets, only a couple months removed from this:

The Ugly:

The Mets lost 23-5 on Sunday and C Kevin Plawecki pitched the last 2 innings for the Mets. He pitched a 1-2-3 7th inning which I’m not sure is something to be excited about or be sad about. He did give up 3 HRs in the 8th, however.

Neil Walker is batting .195 with 2 HRs and Curtis Granderson is batting .128 and is 3 for his last 45. What’s worse is that the Mets continue to bat them both 4th and 5th every day. I get that Terry Collins’ hands are somewhat tied due to injuries, but there are much more feasible options. Curtis doesn’t look like an everyday outfielder anymore. Get Conforto and Lagares out there everyday and keep Bruce in RF. Get some young bats up to the MLB level like Matt Reynolds and TJ Rivera (Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith as well) and see if they’re made any improvements since last year. This team desperately needs a spark and the veteran bats in the lineup are not providing anything. The Mets are sacrificing 6-8 at bats a game by trotting those two guys out every day. Bat them at the bottom of the order, bench them, trade them, put them on the DL and let them get some rehab at bats to get their confidence back up. I don’t know what the Mets have to do but batting them in the middle of their order is the last thing.



The Mets have one more week of division games (4 @ Atlanta, 3 vs. Miami) before they finally play a team outside of the NL East. The Mets need to play .500 ball at the very least if they want to contend at all when everybody is back and healthy again. It’s only May 1st but the Mets are very very very dangerously close to being out of contention. They currently have the 5th worst record in all of baseball.

P.S. This kid is a must follow for all you suicidal Mets fans out there. Poor kid doesn’t know what he got himself into. Don’t want more mets_maniac rants, NEED more mets_maniac rants.

This team needs a wake up call. Syndergarrd also needs a robotic arm!ūüė°ūüė° SO: @barstoolsports

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